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What Should I Know Before Replacing My Roof in Tahoe City, CA; Durable Roof Materials, Scheduling & More

Are you facing a roof replacement? There is a lot to consider when you need to replace your home’s roof. At times it can be stressful trying to learn and consider everything that you need to know about replacing your home’s roof. To help know what goes into replacing your home’s roof, Nickerson Roofing will walk you through a roof replacement to better prepare you when you need to replace your home’s roof.

How Do You Know when it’s Time to Replace Your Roof?

Most homeowners are most concerned as to whether or not they truly need a roof replacement versus repair. In most cases the contractor will be able to determine if the replacement is needed. Replacements are often encouraged if the roof condition poses a safety problem. When a roof collapses it can be deadly. Some common signs that you need to replace your home’s roof are:
• Water Leaks in the Home or Attic
• Sagging roof
• Missing, Torn, or Curled Shingles
• Presence of Mold or Algae on the Roof’s Framing
• Roof Older than 20 Years

Choosing a Durable Roof Material

When you find that a roof replacement is needed you will need to decide if you want to replace the same type and look f roof or replace it with something altogether different. There are many types of roofs available today. The most common types of roof are asphalt shingle roofs, concrete or clay tile roofs, and metal roofs. There are benefits to each type of roof tops. For example, asphalt shingle roofs are lighter and cheaper than concrete or clay roofs. However asphalt roofs don’t last as long. Metal roofs are light as well and are durable but require more maintenance. Concrete or clay tile roofs are heavy but are very durable. However, the concrete or clay tile can erode and develop mold or algae and require roof cleaning.

Negotiate Roof Replacement with Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance can play a role in which roof can be replaced on the home. In most cases the insurance company will replace the roof with the same roof as before. In other cases the insurance company will give you a certain sum. You can stay within the insurance’s price or exceed it but you will need to pay for the difference. Additionally, the homeowner’s insurance may not cover the cost of repairing the roof depending on the cause that lead to the need for the roof placement.

Schedule Roof Replacement

If the roof’s condition is severe the roof replacement should not wait. However, replacement most often occurs in spring, summer, and early fall. Since Michigan can receive heavy snow fall replacing a roof in the winter isn’t ideal. However, it can be done if the roof condition is hazardous. Often the roofing contractor will be able to determine how long the roof will last and provide an optimal time to schedule the roof replacement.

Roof Repair, Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

When replacing your home’s roof make sure you seek out quality contractors that can help walk you through each step of the replacement. If your home’s roof needs a full roof replacement, contact Nickerson Roofing today.

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