At Nickerson Roofing, we are unique in our roofing capabilities and unparalleled in our roofing expertise. Schooled in the art of quality roofing, we have a solid background in building construction and completely understand the ins and outs of roofing materials, design, installation, repair and replacement. Nickerson Roofing has been installing and repairing residential and commercial roofing in the Truckee, CA area for over 26 years. We are family owned and operated and licensed and insured. At Nickerson Roofing, pride and integrity go into every job, no matter how big or small, and attention is given to the very smallest detail. We started roofing in 1988 and will treat your home or commercial property as if it were our own. We have the experience to do your job right! We have a long history of working with older home and roofs. We know how to work with flat to steep roofs and we can protect your plants and shrubs too. We have a dedicated team of roofers dedicated to keeping your Truckee home dry and protected!
Our longevity is a testament to our dedication to our Truckee, California clients. As we prioritize our valued customers, you can count on superior services on a consistent basis. We are your trusted roofing specialist, as we continue to build lasting relationships with long-term clientele. Without sacrificing quality, you can afford the roofing services of Nickerson Roofing.
Nickerson Roofing understands that the few homeowners are prepared for the unexpected expenses that involve the roof and its accessories. These elements are a key component to the structure, and the roof is an important aspect to your home that requires quality, performance, and longevity. With our flexibility, Nickerson Roofing of Truckee, CA is able to work with most schedules and minimize the intrusion as much as possible. With the results of our roofing services, our craftsmanship results in contributing the curb appeal, overall condition of your roof, as well as contributes to the long-term performance of your roof.
With so many options for your roof and the roof’s accessories, we can help you get the right roof for the Truckee, CA climate that fits your budget and maintenance management. When it comes to time to hire services for your roof, contact Nickerson Roofing to schedule a consultation. From there, we can discuss the details of your needs, answer any questions that may have in regards to the roofing service, as well address the concerns you may have with the project and what to expect before, during, and after the process. We are happy to guide you through the process to make the experience as simple and smooth as possible.