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Welcome to Nickerson Roofing of Truckee, CA. The experts at Nickerson Roofing have been installing and repairing residential and commercial roofing and gutter systems in the North Lake Tahoe Basin area for over 26 years. We work on many different types of Roofs including Metal Roofs, Composite / Shingle Roofs, Tile Roofs, Steep Roofs, Flat Roofs, Low Pitch Roofs and more.Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

Our Comprehensive List of Professional Roofing Services Includes:

• Installations
• Replacements
• Restorations
• Inspections
• Insulation
• Re-Roofing
• Roofing Repairs (including Storm Damage)
• Rooftop Snow Removal
• Gutters & Gutter Guards
• Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Installation of R-Max Urethane, Blown In & Nail Base Insulation for Steep Cathedral Roofing Systems

Concerned about moisture shortening the lifespan of your roof coverings? The professional roofing specialists at Nickerson Roofing can provide your roof with a R-Max urethane, blown in or nail base insulation system that effectively combines insulating and ventilation features to adequately allow control of air flow and moisture to prolong the longevity of your roof coverings. Nail base insulation can be installed directly on top of steep-sloping wood or steel roofing systems and is perfect for cathedral roofing systems because the system is designed to reduce the amount of heat drive into the living area below and exhaust excess moisture before it has an opportunity to condense within the deck or roofing system. Our custom sleeper insulation consists of 2 x 4’s on edge and R-Max Urethane insulation between. Some of the benefits of urethane are resistance to abrasion, durability, load bearing and compression properties, stability, maintenance of shape and size as well as resistance to ozone and oxygen.

Premium 18 Gauge Steel Gutter Installation & Replacements in the North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

The knowledgeable installation specialists at Nickerson Roofing understand that selecting gutters can be an overwhelming experience, from shapes, sizes, colors, and price points the list is endless. Fortunately the experts at Nickerson Roofing are available to help guide your selections and help you decide on a product that best fits your requirements that won’t break the bank. In fact the experts at Nickerson Roofing recommend 18 gauge welded steel guttering that can withstand heavy snowfall and is the preferred choice of your Nickerson Roofing professionals.

Heated Gutter Guards & Screening Installation in Truckee, CA

Every year the fall weather seems to be more extreme in comparison to the previous winter and your gutter systems take a yearly beating. Snow falls, melts and refreezes causing ice dams. An ice dam begins to form the moment that snow falls upon your roof. Even in extreme temperatures, the heat from within your home will warm your roof causing the snow to melt. The melted snow runs into your gutters and refreezes. Even the best quality gutters can struggle under heavy ice and snow. There is a solution to this yearly problem and the knowledgeable roofing specialists at Nickerson Roofing can install a system on your home’s existing gutter system that will provide your gutters with the ultimate defense. Heated gutter guards will strengthen your homes gutters by preventing ice and snow build up and gutter screening to allow rainwater in while keeping leaves, pine needles and other unwanted debris out.

For more information on these and other roofing repair or installation services, contact the professional customer service representatives at Nickerson Roofing today!

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