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Emergency Roofing Repair Contractor Services

For over 25 years, Nickerson Roofing has raised the bar when it comes to roofing services. Servicing commercial buildings and residential homes in Truckee, CA and the North Lake Tahoe Basin, Nickerson Roofing is fully insured and licensed. Nickerson Roofing technicians possess advanced training, years of experience and immense skills to give each and every valued customer grand results. Nickerson Roofing takes advantage of exclusive professional grade equipment, tools, supplies and products to ensure businesses owners and homeowners are getting the best services and craftsmanship available.

Roof Wear & Tear

The roof of commercial and residential buildings is an important aspect of the buildings primary structure. After a time, daily exposure to the elements, rooftops experience normal wear and tear and need to undergo repairs to keep the structure intact and prevent further damages, including water damage from leaks caused by rain. Nickerson Roofing can fully inspect, assess and repair the damages.

Commercial Flat & Steep Roofing Repairs

Commercial rooftops are engineered to withstand more of the elements, but even the commercial rooftops in the North Lake Tahoe Basin of California need repairs from talented pros from Nickerson Roofing from time to time. Commercial building’s rooftop repairs can vary from common to unique and Nickerson Roofing has the experience and expertise to ensure all repairs are fixed. We have listed common commercial building roof repairs, that if you should notice, call us right away for speedy repairing and prevent further and costly damages.
Roof moisture and leak repairs. With water infiltration, commercial roofs are prone to moisture retention, which inadvertently causes leaks. Even minuscule leaks can cause catastrophic damage. Leaky rooftops can be contributed by many factors; improper installation or neglect of moisture barriers, poor adhesion, or moisture seepage. Constant leaks and moisture problems can cause rotting materials, mold infestations and additional underlying problems.
Neglected roof maintenance. Like everything in life, maintenance programs and scheduling needs to be incorporated to better preserve the longevity. If your commercial rooftop in Truckee, CA is left unmaintained, premature wear and tear can be underway, contributing to early signs of damage, problematic situations and extensive deterioration.
Cracking erosion and shrinking roofs. Over time the sun’s rays in the North Lake Tahoe Basin can increase heat temperatures bearing down on rooftops, which lead to cracking and shrinking, if left unattended can cause increased damages.
Poor roof installation. Poor workmanship can create a mountain of problems. With a newly installed roof, and to the untrained eye, faulty installation can go unnoticed before it’s too late.

No matter the damages ensued on your commercial rooftop, Nickerson Roofing professionals can get your North Lake Tahoe Basin commercial roof tops repaired correctly and efficiently. After a thorough inspection, our specialists can address all problems, and make the necessary repairs, and replace materials as needed.

Residential Flat & Steep Roofing Repairs

Residential Roofs are equally susceptible to problems of that of commercial roofs. Additionally residential roof tops have experienced other common issues including:
o Flashing repairs, which is the materials used to around service pipes and vents, are easily destroyed, contributing to leaks.
o Gutters are designed to pool rainfall and direct the rushing water off your roof and away from the house. Easily prone to buildup of dirt, debris and water, rust damage, wear and tear, and mold can take hold.
o Soffits are often the attraction of pests, like small birds, rodents and insects. Soffits is the wood trim overhanging the roof, If there is burrowing space, the little critters can move in, and cause further damage.
o Fascia boards are commonly damaged by water accumulation and heat exposure and need to be properly repaired.

Nickerson Roofing can ensure your residential home roofs are meticulously inspected and necessary repairs are made.

Emergency Roofing Repairs in Truckee, Mystic, Floriston, Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows, Tahoe City, Dollar Point, Ridgewood, Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, Eder, Norden, Soda Springs & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

Whether your commercial or residential roof is in need of repair in Truckee, CA and the North Lake Tahoe Basin of California, Nickerson Roofing’s experienced professionals guarantee premium results. Call us today to get started.

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