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Types of Residential Asphalt Roofing Shingles in Truckee, CA; Installation of 3-Tab, Dimensional & Luxury Roof Shingle

When you need your home’s asphalt shingle roof replaced, you might not realize that there are a few different types of asphalt shingle roofs available. When having to replace an… more »

Can a Leaky Roof Cause Mold, Electrical, Insulation, Ceiling & Other Damage in Ridgewood, CA?

When a leak is discovered, even a small leak, the problem should be resolved quickly. A roof leak can do a number of damages to a home and not just… more »

How Tree Branches & Leaves Can Damage Your Roof & Block Your Gutters in Dollar Point, CA

There are parts of your home that are going to be out in the weather and up against some problems. One of these areas is the roof. It is intended… more »

Importance of Annual Roofing Inspections in Tahoe City, CA; Roof Life Expectancy & More

Across the U.S., more and more lenders and home insurance companies require roofing and/or home inspections (where the roof inspection is included) before buying or selling a home. Depending on… more »

Benefits of Energy Efficient Natural Sunlight Sun Tunnel Installation in Alpine Meadows, CA

Study after study has shown the benefits of having a great deal of light in your life. It is important to have natural light in your home for this reason…. more »

Roofing Material Options in Olympic Valley, CA; Shingle, Metal & Other Roof Covering Types

When building or designing your own home you will have the opportunity to choose what type of roof you want, which often dictates the overall design of the home. There… more »

Should I Be Home During Roof Replacement in Floriston, CA? What to Expect, Consider & More

Generally, roofs last about 20 years, depending on how well you care for and maintain them. As a result, you will eventually need to prioritize a roof replacement. Knowing this,… more »

How to Know if You Have Roofing Damage or Need a New Roof in Mystic, CA; Roofer’s Inspection!

When was the last time your home’s roof was inspected? Or have you ever had your roof inspected? Many homeowners never think to have their home’s roof inspected until they… more »

Common Spring Roofing & Gutter Repairs in Truckee, CA; Replace Missing Asphalt Shingles & More

With the arrival of spring many homeowners will begin spending more time outside, preparing their home for the summer. After a long winter, your roof may have been exposed to… more »

Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing in Soda Springs, CA; Long Roof Life Expectancy & More

Are you getting ready for a new roof for your home? If you are considering a metal roof for your home, it is important that you know what all the… more »