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Glossary of Roofing Terminology; Roof Parts, Structural Features, Repair or Replacement Terms

It seems all professions will have their own language. When a homeowner has their roof inspected, repaired or even replaced, the roofer will talk with the homeowners about what or where the damages are. It’s been Nickerson Roofing’s experience when we explain the problems that were found, most of the home owners felt lost in the conversation. It is our goal to help home owners learn more about their roofs and some of the terms used by roofing professionals so they no longer feel lost in the conversation.

Part of a Roof

Roof Covering – Covering is a part of the outer layer of the Felt. Covering could be the shingles, metal, slate or tile.
Roof Drainage – As the name suggests, drainage is a feature on the roof which helps water to drain off the roof. The shape could determine the drainages due to its slopes and layout of the roof.
Roofing Felt – The Felt or also known as underlayment is a fibrous material that is used as a protective layer underneath the outer surface of the roof.
Roof Flashing – Flashing is used to waterproof your roof. It is a sturdy metal sheeting that is placed at intersections of the roof that help funnel the water into the gutter systems.
Roof Sheathing – Sheathing are boards made from mostly wood but can vary in material. Sheathing is secured to the rafters of the roof which is the base for the other roofing materials. In a sense it’s your roofs main structure or first layer. Sheathing is also called the roofs decking.

Structural Features of a Roof

Roof Eaves – The eave is the edge or bottom part of the roof that hangs on the house.
Roof Fascia – Fascia are typically wood boards that are placed under the edges of the roof that will surround the home. This will help protect the elements and pests from getting underneath your roof.
Roof Ridge – A ridge in roofing terms is the angle at the top of the slope where two sections of the roof meet at the highest point.
Roof Valley – A valley is the opposite of a ridge. A valley is a term used by roofers when two sections of the roof meet but at the lowest point of the roof. They create a downward slope or a V that travels down the roof.

Roofing Repair or Replacement Terms

Roof Bond – Is a method used when securing shingles and the other coverings to each other. Bond types do vary from cross, stagger, to broken.
Roof Nesting – Nesting is a method used to re-roof, this is done by relaying shingles on-top of old shingles usually in a specific pattern.
Normal Slope Application – Normal slope application is done by applying shingle with a degree of pitch or slope. A pitch has two numbers which will help indicate the rise of every 12 inches of the slope.

Glossary of Roofing Terminology; Roof Parts, Structural Features, Repair or Replacement Terms in Truckee, Mystic, Floriston, Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows, Tahoe City, Dollar Point, Ridgewood, Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, Eder, Norden, Soda Springs & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

These are the main roofing terms used by roofers that they will use when telling the homeowner the common problem they found on your roof. Nickerson Roofing wants to help make our customers feel part of the conversation, have them understand exactly what is going on with their roof, and what needs to be none to repair their roof. If you need a roof inspection or repair and/or replacement of your roof, Nickerson Roofing is here to help you. Call us today.

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