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How Does Severe Weather Storms Affect Roofing in Kings Beach, CA? Can Rain or Snow Cause a Roof to Collapse?

Where you live and what weather or climate conditions are present, plays a major role on how a home’s roof is affected. Roofs that are exposed to multiple types of weather conditions often need more maintenance and repair. Here in North Lake Tahoe, CA, we have wind, rain, snow, and heat that reaches into the 90’s. Due to our climate, homes often require more repairs especially after winter. Nickerson Roofing would like to share in depth how weather affects roofs.

How Summer Heat Affects Your Roof

Most homeowners worry the most during the winter time and the damages that can occur because of cold and snow. However, summer heat has it affects too. Excessive heat can make many of the roofing materials swell. It’s during this time that singles and the supporting structure are most vulnerable. Some of the most common forms of damage are brittleness and displacement, and both problems often get overlooked until the roof collapses. When it comes to dealing with heat, the interior structure of a roof needs the right amount of insulation. The attic or interior structure of the roof can’t get too cold or too hot. This is why it is wise to have your roof and insulation inspected every few years.

Can Rain Cause a Roof to Collapse?

External roofing materials are designed to withstand rain. However the interior materials are not. When shingles are loose, part of the interior of the roofing structure is now vulnerable to water exposure. When water damage begins to occur on the insulation, the roofing structure and materials all can become infested with mold, mildew, and decay. When the structure becomes weakened by water damage, the structure can become compromised and eventually collapse.

How Strong Does Wind Need to Be to Damage a Roof?

Typically, winds as fast as 70-90 mph (miles per hour) are the starting point for wind that can cause roof damages. However, sometimes a gust at 50 mph can give your roof a beating. Wind has its affects too. One of the direct affects that wind has on a roof is that a shingle or tile can get blown off the roof. However, most wind related damage caused by wind is that a broken tree or branch crushes down on the roof. This is why it is recommended to regularly maintain trees near the home and avoid trees that reach taller than the home. After a major wind storm, it is also recommended that you inspect your home’s roof and make sure that there are no visual signs of damage.

Can Too Much Snow Damage Roof?

The one element most homeowner’s are aware of snow. Snow can cause both water damage, and structural damage. If your roof tiles slide out of place or the interior part of the roof is exposed to the moisture, water damage begins to occur. However one major concern when it comes to snow is weight. As snow builds up during the winter, it puts more and more weight on the roof which only can withstand so much. It is important to make sure the roof structure is intact before winter and if need be, remove snow as it builds up. After winter it is recommended that you inspect your home’s roof for any damage.

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