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How Do You Know if Your Roof is Damaged, Weathered or has Poor Drainage or Mold in Mystic, CA?

Often homeowners don’t ever seem to notice their roof aging or even developing problems unless their roof begin to leak. Some major roofing damage could have been prevented if the issue was corrected earlier. This is where roofing inspection can help. A professional roof inspector can inspect the roof and make note of even the smallest issue which can quickly be repaired before they evolve into a much bigger problem. Nickerson Roofing will share why it is important to get your home’s roof inspected.

Weathered Roof

Time and weathering ages a roof. Like anything else, aging can cause structural weakness to occur. The same can be said for our roof. Roofs endure wind, rain, hail and snow, alongside the heat and the cold, which contributes to the aging of the roof. On average a roof can last between 15 and 30 years depending on the quality of construction and maintenance. As a roof ages, small little problems will develop. Therefore, it is better to catch the smaller problems and repair them as they happen. This will help to extend the age of the roof.

Poor Roof Drainage

All roofs require a proper drainage system to redirect the water from rain, snow and hail. One of the most common roofing damages are leaks which if left unchecked will cause roof failure. Collapsing roofs are most often due to wood rot from leaks. If the roof’s drainage system is clogged, damaged, or not operating correctly, then your entire roof is at risk. During a roof inspection, the inspector will inspect the drainage system to ensure proper functionality.

Are Skylights Secure?

Skylights and roof hatches are often used by burglars or thieves to break into homes. When you have your home’s roof inspected, the inspector will examine the skylight for leaks and weaknesses. For home’s with roof hatches they too are inspected for proper reliance. If the skylight or hatches reveal any weakness, the inspector will let you know and repairs or replacement can be made if needed.

Mold on Roof

Plants and vegetation can pose a major problem for roof tops. Mold, moss and algae can form on roof tops, causing surface damage to shingles and tiles. Trees, weeds, and other plants can actually begin to grow inside gutter systems where the roots can lead to gutter and roofing damages. Over hanging branches can also lead to roofing damages. During an inspection the inspector will check for vegetation that can be posing a risk for your roof.

Roof Inspection & Report

One of the best reasons why you should have your roof inspected is the final report. They will provide you with a maintenance or repair list your roof will need. They will often provide you with a report stating your roofs condition and what repairs will be needed. It is much cheaper to do small repairs versus waiting until the entire roof needs to be replaced. Roofing inspections can help extend the life of your home’s roof and save you money over time.

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If your home’s roof is due for an inspection, or needs replacement or repairs, contact Nickerson Roofing for quality roofing services.

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