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Does Pigeons Nesting & Bird Poop Cause Roof Damage in Truckee, CA? Roofing Inspection & Repairs to Fix

One of the primary components of a buildings structure is the roof. It is often the first part of the structure that takes the abuse from the sun’s piercing rays, heat, humidity, dryness, cold, harsh winds, rain, snow and other weather conditions. It is often riddled by leaves and fallen branches, with layers of dirt and other debris. In addition to the environmental factors, the roof also endures pigeon activity. The additional damage caused by the seemingly harmless birds can be catastrophic to say the least, which is why we at Nickerson Roofing would like to take the opportunity to share the damage pigeons do to your roof.

Collapsed Ceilings

The damage the roof is inflicted with by pigeons is extensive over time, as they get more familiar with the roof; they often look closer into finding additional protection from the weather. Pigeons will squirm into crevices and damaged ventilation, where they could easily get into the unfinished attic space and commence even more damage there. The weight of droppings, nesting materials, and the constant in and out of the pigeon’s activities can result in the ceiling collapsing.

Can Bird Poop Damage a Roof?

The acidic content in bird droppings is fairly high. A rooftop with a tar base is especially more susceptible to the acidic compounds found in bird’s droppings where the acid will eat through many substrates of your roof. With time and the accumulation of droppings, the potential life expectancy of your roof can be dropped down as much as 50%. Not only is the acid a detriment to the rooftop, but if the droppings make contact with the siding, air conditioning unit, and other surfaces, it can cause damage there as well. The air conditioners that are destroyed by pigeon poop and nesting activities can cause an assortment of damage, including leaks in the condensation lines as well as the refrigerant. If the AC unit is fixed on the roof, the pooled moisture will cause the roof moisture damage, which lead to the decay causing leaks as well as potential mold to grow.

Pigeon Nesting Can Damage Roofs & Buildings

Droppings derived from pigeons are not the only concern. Their nests can inflict more damage than you might suppose. Throughout the rooftop, nests are commonly found in gutters, drains, and corners. If these nests obstruct the water’s flow from rainfall and it cannot filter off the roof, the weight of the water can cause it to collapse, mold can spread, and the roof will easily leak. The damage doesn’t stop there; the water leaks will now cause damage inside the home, causing water damage to ceilings, walls, foundation, and insulation in addition to the potential mold growth. Not only contributing to water damage, the pigeon’s nests are a perfect kindling for fire. Pigeons tend to use the highly flammable materials to build their nests. If lightening hits it or even a freak accident from a stray firework or other source ignites the nests, a fire can take hold of your home. Finally, the nesting can have a devastating effect on the roof’s ventilation and chimney. The ventilation being blocked from the pigeon’s nests can introduce their fecal matter into your indoor air in addition to other serious issues. Chimneys that cannot ventilate the smoke due to a nest cause the occupants to be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning and a room full of smoke.

Roof Repair, Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

Ensuring you take all the necessary steps to evacuate pigeons from roasting on your home is essential in addition to preventative measures. After getting the pigeons removed from your home call in the experts of Nickerson Roofing for an inspection service. Our specialists will assess the damage caused by pigeons and present the needed repairs and solutions to get your roof back up to par.

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