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What Can Go Wrong when Delaying Roofing Repairs in Truckee, CA? Roof Damage Worsens & More

When seeing the damage to a roof, most brush off minimal damage and think they will tend to it later; as few want to pour money into roof repairs. But this attitude can be detrimental. Once a quarter or more often, homeowners should assess the condition of their roof and should they find any signs of wear or damage, get it fixed promptly. We at Nickerson Roofing would like to share what will happen if you delay repairs of your roof.

Energy Consumption & Heating / Cooling Bills Increase

Any gaps and cracks in the roof are not only leaking rain, but the heat transfers out during the winter in addition to the cool air. When the treated air escapes outdoors throughout the year, the HVAC system compensates for the loss where it continually runs more so, wasting energy and the treated air you paid for through the roof, while increasing the cost.

Roof Damage Accelerates

A barely noticeable discoloration in the ceiling is the first to manifest before a blatant water stain appears. As time continue to progress, the water stain leaks. Gaps between shingles, or shingles that are damaged or missing never repair themselves like any other roof issue. The longer you neglect the repairs the roof needs, the worse they become, additional problems can spread from the roof damage that include:
– Insulation
– Foundation
– Drywall
– Decking under the roof shingles
– Attic
The more the damage spreads the more severe the damage gets, and the more expensive the repairs will be once you do get them.

Water Damage to Roof Often Means Mold Growth

Mold is a nightmare and should be prevented whenever possible. Mold growth can trigger allergies and asthma as well as bring on illnesses that can impact the whole family at different levels. Mold spores spread rapidly and thrive under the right conditions. Once water damage takes root from a damaged roof, the mold can easily spread as water makes it vulnerable to mold growth. Without even realizing it, the mold can spread in insulation, behind wallpaper, and in the air ducts without you even realizing it until it is too late.

Pests Can Enter Home Via Damaged Roof

More homeowners are not aware of the risk wildlife, rodents, and other pests have when there is roof damage. Most pests need very little space to squeeze into the home, some rodents only require the size of a quarter, others only need a dime-size hole and insects require far less. In any case, not only are you letting your cool or warm air out, but you are inadvertently inviting pests in. When any pest comes in, they bring more damage, potential disease, and a major nuisance.

Roof Repair, Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

Ultimately, the sooner you repair your home’s roof, the better off you will be. When you notice roof damage,
call in the experts
of Nickerson Roofing to ensure the repairs are done with quality workmanship.

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