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How Do I Keep My Roof from Leaking in North Lake Tahoe, CA? Roofing Inspection, Ice Dam Solutions & More

There is nothing more worthy of an adult size tantrum then a leaky roof, which generally only seems to manifest itself on rainy days. More often, a leaky roof even goes forgotten until the next rain storm, stemming into another tantrum on top of a tantrum for not remembering to get it fixed the first time you noticed. Where most have experienced this first hand, there are a few pre-emptive strikes we can do and Nickerson Roofing outline them below.

Where is Roof Most Likely to Leak?

We begin by asking, where on a roof is the most likely place for a leak. A few places to check out is the chimney, plumbing vent flashing, ice dams, skylights, wall step flashings, furnace shingles, fields of shingles, and missing shingles. Some of these terms may be a little confusing from the laymen perspective so we will just touch on them for a better understanding. We all have been taught early what a chimney is, so we will move on to the plumbing vent flashing. That little thing-a-maybob is either a metal or rubber fitting that encases a pipe. Those are designed to wear out, or rust and recurrently need replacing.

Roof Leaking from Ice Dam

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that builds at the edge of a roof, preventing the melting snow from draining off the roof. The water that is left can back up behind the dam and can leak into the home and cause that temper to fly.

Leaking Roof Around Skylight

Most know a skylight is that wonderful window on the roof allowing natural light in, or at night a ballet of stars to gleam through. After time, they can waste away causing leaks.
Wall step flashings are again either rubber or metal and used to transition the seam between the roof and a wall. As with the plumbing vent flashing they too can rust or wear out allowing leaks to occur. Shingles are roof coverings of individual overlapping elements that spread over the entire roof.

How to Prevent Water Getting Under Roof Shingles

By inspecting these areas first, you can assess if anything needs replacing before the leak happens. If it pops through the roof look at it, generally if the roof has any penetrations, chances are a leak can crop up. A drip edge isn’t just a cosmetic accessory to your home, it also ensures water is kept away from the fascia and moved off the roof. Commonly found leaks come from around the eaves due to weather and rain pounding and rotting away the wood there. Rain can enter between the roof deck and the fascia board. A drip board can also keep those critters at bay. The attic space in homes should be periodically checked. A thorough investigation on wood beams, nail, and ventilation should be conducted every so often to ensure no mold, rust or algae stains are present. Last tidbit is to have your gutters properly functioning. Be sure they are kept clean of debris as they can aide in keeping water drained off your roof.

Roof Repair, Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

If you believe you have a leaky roof, let the professionals at Nickerson Roofing inspect it for you. We can keep your roof at its peak with our many services. Call us today!

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