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Are New Gutters Worth It in Kings Beach, CA? Good Investment, Help Prevent Water Damage & More

Rain gutters plays a major role in the welfare of your home’s roof. When gutters are neglect or age they often require replacement. Many homeowners will put off replacing their home’s gutter system in favor of other expenses. However, when gutters age or begin to break down, they are not only preforming properly but now your home is at risk. Nickerson Roofing will share why it is important to replace and maintain your home gutter system to ensure the wellness of your home and its roof.

Are New Gutters a Good Investment?

Rain gutter installation or replacements is a major investment. However, it may be a worthwhile investment when you consider how rain gutters can help protect your home. During seasons of rain or snow the water must be redirected away from the home to prevent water damages from occurring on the roof. The water can be redirected away from the home to prevent puddles along the edges of the home which helps keep porches and walkways dryer. Essentially by redirecting the water away from the home, you can help prevent water damage and future repairs.

Gutters Help Prevent Flooding & Water Damage

During seasons of heavy rain or if the snow is melting, the water will collect near the home without a gutter or an improper gutter system. As the water collects around the home, the water will seep into the ground and often into the lower levels of the house. For those with gutter systems, the water can be redirected away from the house to prevent basement flooding.

Keep Exterior of House Clean with Gutters

Another great benefit of a gutter system is it helps keep the house exterior walls cleaner. Homes with no gutter system will look dirty after it rains. When rain comes falling down off of the roof the water bounces up and leaving muddy, dirty sprinkles along the bottom edges of the house. Many homeowners are forced to clean the outside of their home after each rain. With a gutter system all of the water is captured before it falls off the roof which helps keep the outside of the home cleaner.

Gutters Help Protect Home from Decay & Mold

Water can cause premature decay of tar paper and the plywood that lines the roof and walls of a home. If water collects due to old gutters systems, water leaks can reach the interior of the roof structure or inside the home. This will cause decay and often mold will begin to grow. When mold and decay becomes too extreme often the infected materials will need to be replaced. Decay caused by water is often the most common cause of roof collapse and major roof damages.

Protect Landscape and Prevent Less Pests with Gutters

There are a number of insects that are drawn to damp areas such as mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents. The gutter helps keep the water from pooling around your home which helps keep more pests away. Additionally, by keeping the water under control as the rain falls it does less damage to your landscaping. Again a gutter system controls the water from falling on planters, and plants around your home.

Roof Repair, Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

Gutters are essential and need to be maintained. When your home gutter system ages or needs to be repaired or replaced, contact Nickerson Roofing. We provide many services including gutter replacement and installation services and more. Nickerson Roofing recommend 18 gauge welded steel guttering to stand up to our extreme snow and weather conditions. Contact us today.

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