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What Steps are Involved in Replacing a Roof in Mystic, CA? Choosing Roofing Materials, Demo, Installation & More

As a home ages, or if a home’s roofing was poorly installed, often the house will require a roof replacement. There are a number of steps and considerations when replacing a home’s roof. For those who are needing their roof replaced, Nickerson Roofing would like to walk you through the steps of a home roof replacement and some things you may want to consider before you have your roof replaced.

What to Know Before You Replace a Roof?

Step 1. Your first step or consideration is selecting the replacement material that will suit your home and your environment best. The materials used during the replacement will depend on the existing damage and, of course, the homeowner’s budget. There may need to be some structural repairs or the homeowner may want a different roof such as replacing an asphalt roof for a tiled roof. Once materials and any changes have been decided upon and the budget matches the desires, we advance to step two.
Step 2. Removing of the old roof is next. During the removal, expect the unexpected. This means there may be more damage or repairs needed as the old roof comes off. During the removal be ready to be flexible and make the needed changes or repairs needed to ensure a strong roof for the future.
Step 3. Once the old roof is removed all needed repairs of the structure of the roof will be done. Additionally, in older homes, many of them don’t have a drip edge system which is needed to help protect the roof from water. If your home is older and doesn’t have a drip edge, consider installing one now.
Step 4. After the structure is repaired and/or the drip edge system installed, the next step is installing the ice and water shield that lies on top of the roof’s decking. This protects the inner roofing material form moisture exposure which is essential for a strong and lasting roof.
Step 5. After the ice and water shield is installed, the next step is installation of the underlayment. The underlayment is installed over the inner roof. After the underlayment is installed, the flashing and diverters are installed. The flashing and diverters are used to protect the edges around chimneys, ventilation tubes, skylights and other protrusions on the roof. The diverters are used at intersections to make sure the joints are protect and able to redirect water.
Step 6. The last layer of the roof is the tile or shingles, which are now installed. Of course, the steps can vary depending on the type of roof you have selected. Some homes may even need to replace a flat roof which is completely different.
Step 7. The last step if needed will be to replace or install the ridge vents that help ventilate the attic. They are essential to maintain your home’s roof. After the roof is complete, the contractors will clean up material waste.
It is important to have your home’s roof inspected from time to time. Make sure you know what will be needed before your begin your home’s roof replacement if one is needed. Be prepared for the unexpected. Nonetheless, a thorough inspection should help you better prepare and budget for your home’s roof replacement.

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