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Warning Signs You Need a New Roof in Kings Beach, CA; Water Damage, Leaks & More

Roofing experts agree that homeowners should perform visual roof inspections twice a year. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Doing so can help you catch problems early on and give you the opportunity to repair them before they cause even more damage. A roof’s typical lifespan can be 20-80 years depending how well the roof has been maintained, the materials used, the type of roof you have and how good of an installation was done in the beginning. To get the best life expectancy out of your roof, have your roof professionally inspected about every three years. Most reputable roofing companies offer free or affordable roof inspections to check for any issues that may need repair. Some of the signs are harder to spot than others and require a familiar eye to recognize an issue. Most can be recognized by you during your bi-annual roof inspections. Following are some tell-tale signs that your roof may need to be replaced soon.

Water Damage or Roof Leaks

Water wreaks havoc on homes, especially in homes that have flat roofs. Keep watch during and after rain or snowfall to inspect for signs of water leaks or water damage on your roof and ceiling. If you find a leak in your roof, it could just be a simple fix. Other times it could be a sign of a bigger issue at hand and will likely require a diagnosis by a professional. Always call your roofing company of choice as soon as possible after detecting a leak in your roof.

Sagging Roof

Roofs should be as straight as an arrow, if you notice any areas that are sagging, dipping or curving this could be a sign of some major damage. There are several issues that can cause a roof to sag, either way you are going to need professional assistance to diagnose the issue and fix the problem before it gets worse. When you walk to the mailbox or are driving down your street, take a good look at your roof and make sure it’s straight. If not, call a professional roofer to perform an inspection.

Curling & Cupping Asphalt Shingles

In time, asphalt shingles can begin to curl around the edges, either downward or upward. This is another warning sign that your roof may be coming up on that time where it needs to be replaced. This can be caused by old age, poor attic ventilation, poor shingle installation or even from multiple layers being on the roof.

Rotted Roof Decking

Mold growth in your attic or excessive moss or algae growth on roof is never a good sign. Water is the enemy to roofs. It can cause severe structural damage if it is able to breach the roof and leak into your home. A rotting roof is also dangerous to your family’s health as well as unsightly to see. If you notice a moldy smell in your attic, find soggy insulation in your attic or see mold spots or fungal growth on the insulation or wood in your attic there is a big problem that requires professional attention fast. Other signs to watch out for are gray and green moss/algae growing on the exterior of your shingles on top of the roof. Moss thrives in moist environments, if you spot it on your roof you can be sure there is excessive moisture trapped between your shingles which will surely cause extensive damage if not removed and fixed asap.

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Nickerson Roofing offers roof inspections on all types of roofs and roofing materials. If you spot any of these warning signs with your roof, give us a call as soon as possible.

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