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Can Tree Branches & Leaves Damage a Roof in Carnelian Bay, CA? How to Protect Your Home!

Many people love the benefits of trees and as a result they plan them into their landscaping. Trees, when safely placed, can assist with the HVAC system, provide healthier air, shade, protect from winds, offer entertainment, and even food. Whether you have one tree or several, or planning to add trees, it is essential they are not close to your home. Too often, most homeowners think the damage done to roofs are done from obvious reasons, heavy rains or snow, long-term effects of wear and tear, and so forth. Unfortunately, trees can cause damage to your roof, and we at Nickerson Roofing would like to share the most common ways that trees are causing damage to your roof in an effort to help you avoid these issues.

How to Protect Roof from Trees

1) Overhanging branches: Most know that winter often brings the most severe weather conditions, such as snow and wind especially. More often than not, although it can happen at any time, the overhanging branches can snap over the impact of snow and wind, which then fall to the roof, compromising the shingle’s integrity. The damage builds up and causes leaks eventually as well. To prevent this, you should have a ten-foot radius around your home, free of branches. Additionally, take the time to inspect the trees for signs of decay, if any are questionable, and ensure the professionals are taking care of the tree removal and branch trimming to avoid accidental damage.
2) Leaves on Roof: Leaves can contribute to damage on the roof. The accumulation of leaves on the roof, especially the dense quantities and even under snow, will increase the moisture exposure, and over time, cause the damage to shingles and the roof as well. The weight can also contribute to damage. It is essential you eliminate the risk and keep the roof cleat from excessive leaves.
3) Clogged Gutters: Not only leaves, but other manner of debris is collected in the gutters. Branches, pests that choose trees as a habitat can have easy access, seeds, and other tree paraphernalia collect in the downspouts as well, leading to clogs and other damage. These issues extend to the roof’s integrity as well and even the foundation. It is essential that the gutters are cleaned regularly, especially just before winter when the majority of the leaves have fallen at the tail-end of fall.
4) Falling Trees: Falling trees is a major risk, and one that is more common than you think. Even the less intimidating trees can still be a threat. As mentioned, it is important that you regularly inspect your trees, especially those that can reach your home if they fall. Look for signs rot and decay, as well as identify any potential damage from severe storms. Should you believe you have any trees that can be deemed a hazard, contact a pro to remove them as quickly as possible.

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