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Busting Roofing Myths in Eder, CA; Can You Put a Second Layer of Shingles on a Roof & More

A roof is the most neglected aspect of the home, despite its largeness and necessity. Homeowners recall the importance of maintenance, repair, and care, only when the roof leaks. However, when it comes to the subject of roofs, there are quite a bit of myths that we at Nickerson Roofing would like to dispel.

Roofing & Gutters are Not Unrelated Systems

Though gutters are thought of as an accessory of sorts, the roof and gutters are equally important. The gutters are a finishing touch that will properly divert water from the roof. Gutters help prevent the exterior walls from over saturation, and they are commonly included in a new roof installation, along with the downspout. It is important you frequently check for signs of damage as well as leaves, sticks, dirt, mud, moisture, and wildlife nests among the other debris and make certain they are all efficiently removed.

Can You Put a Second Layer of Shingles on a Roof?

Building codes don’t require a roofing tear off but removing the old shingles is recommended for a number of reasons. When exposing the raw roof after clearing the old shingles off, you can often find hidden damage to the roof. If you discover deterioration, inadequate ventilation, wood rot, leaks, or even mold, you can restore the roof after removing the shingles. It is a good idea to always take the time remove the old ones before installing new shingles when installing new ones.

Is there Such a Thing as Too Much Insulation in the Attic

To conserve energy and enhance the performance of the roof, many homeowners look to the attic insulation. It is important that you know that too much insulation can be just as detrimental as not enough when looking into this aspect. Among other problems, over insulating can obstruct ventilation openings at the soffits and eave, as well as contribute to moisture containment. The sheathing found in the interior of attics can rot, warp, and even lead to a mold outbreak is due to confined moisture. Call in a professional for guidance if you are not certain about the specifics.

Are Asphalt shingles a Standard Option?

When it comes to roofing materials, there are quite a few options. You can consider the shingle designed and they can be pre-treated according to the climate conditions and other problems in the area. There are material options, designs, pretreatments, and so much more in accordance to your preferences and needs.

When to Replace Roof Flashing

The flashing, commonly manufactured from metal material is installed on rooftops the chimneys, pipes, vents and other rooftop openings. The flashing is a sturdy, durable component that is often outlasts the other roofing components. Under a combination of circumstances, however, the longevity can fall short within a few months of installation. The flashing should be inspected every 6 months as a part of your routine maintenance. Check for dried-out caulk or sealant, flawed or damaged flashing segments, and look for any shingles in contact with the flashing. In the event that these are discovered, call a professional for assistance.

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