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Tree Damage Roofing Repair in Norden, CA; Should Branches Hang Over Roof & More

There are a number of ways a roof can get damaged. Some damage is through neglect, pests, water damage and trees. Trees can be a surprising problem that can damage roofs in a few different ways. When a tree is too close to the roof or home, it can be the cause of roofing damage. Insurance companies can even cancel or increase your rate if there is a tree that is touching or hanging over the roof. Nickerson Roofing will share how a simple tree can lead to serious and expensive damages.

How Far Should Tree Branches Be from House?

When branches begin to extend on top of the roof it can cause a major problem. Especially large heavy branches that grow and extend or overhang the roof. If the tree branch breaks during a heavy windstorm, some branches are heavy enough to impact the roof causing serious damage. Roof tiles can break and shingles can get torn away. Branches can and have grown in such a way that they push up concrete roofing tile and cause roof leaks to occur. If the branches themselves don’t cause damage, branches provide a bridge pests use to climb onto the roof. California is home to many roof damaging pests such as roof rats, raccoons, and birds. Tree branches are often used by raccoons and rats to get onto the rood where they can chew holes in the roof.

Leaves Blocking & Clogging Gutters

Leaves are another major problem for roofs. Leaves can clog gutter systems within a very short period of time, causing water to stand on the roof. In turn this causes water damage and leaks. Gutter systems can also become heavy and full of decaying leaves and water so the gutter begins to pull away from the roof. Gutters can cause roof damage as well as damage to the exterior of the home. It is important to keep the gutters clean and free of leaves. As leaves decay bacteria and mold can also spring up. The longer the leaves sit on top of the roof you are risking exposure of the tile or shingles to mold and bacteria. Moss and lichen can also begin to develop under leaves since leaves can hold in moisture. It is important not to let leaves stand too long on top of the roof to prevent mold, moss or lichen to damage your roof’s exterior tiles.

Falling Trees on Roof

When a tree is planted too close to the home, you will run the risk of the tree falling down in the future, crushing the roof. If the tree suffers from drought conditions, disease, or is infested with pests the tree will weaken and eventually die. However, if the tree becomes weak and a major wind storm hits the tree, it can come down. Even a healthy looking tree can be dangerous if the root system can’t hold the size of the tree during the storm. As trees are great to help shade a home they do pose a threat to the home and the roof. Make sure to keep your tree healthy if they are near the home. Cut back overhanging branches and keep the leaves clean and off the roof to prevent future damage.

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