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Is a Metal Roof Better than a Shingle Roofing System in Truckee, CA? Energy Efficiency, Longevity & More

No one wants to have to replace their roof. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. You can plan on your roof lasting you about 15-20 years. Beyond that, you will need to look into replacing it in order to keep your home protected against severe weather and water damage. There are several kinds of roofing supplies used out there, but today, Nickerson Roofing is here to talk about two of them; metal roofs and shingle roofs. There is a solid debate out there as so which one is better. We are going to point out the benefits of both types of roofs.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

Weather Performance: One of the benefits that comes with metal roofing, is its ability to withstand severe weather. It holds up well to wind, rain, snow and heat better than shingle roofs.
Energy Efficient Roofing: Metal roofing has the ability to withstand high heat in the summer and release it while retaining heat in the winter. Some colors are better than others at doing this and it all depends on which one you choose.
Roof Longevity: The biggest benefit that homeowners will see with a metal roof is the longevity. You can count on a metal roof lasting up to 50 years before showing signs that it needs to be replaced. This can help offset the cost of installation, because you can count on it lasting much longer than other roofing options.
Roofing Maintenance: There is virtually no maintenance when you have a metal roof installed on your home. The biggest thing you need to remember is that you don’t want any branches and leaves to build up on your roof.

Benefits of Shingle Roofs

Cheaper Roof Materials: If your budget is tight for your roof replacement, you may want to go the shingle route. It is much cheaper to have installed than metal roofs. This is mainly due to the cost of materials.
Easier Roof Installation: Because of the packaging of asphalt shingles, they are much easier to install. They come ready to be put on the roof whereas, metal does not. Because of the texture of shingles, you have the ability to walk on them if you ever need to repair them as well. Metal is slippery and more dangerous to walk on.
More Roofing Warranties: There are several warranties available to shingle roofs that aren’t for those made from metal. Some of the warranties that you will see include:
– Manufacturer error
– Algae growth
– Contractor error
– Maximum wind resistance limit
– Material defect

Roof Repair, Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

When it comes to replacing the roof on your home or business, there is no right or wrong answer. You have to choose the roof that best fits your needs and budget. No matter what roof you end up choosing, you can count on the roofing specialists at Nickerson Roofing to deliver superior roof replacements anytime you choose us. Call us today!

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