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Insulating Attics & Roofs, Gutter Cleaning & Installation of Heated Gutter Guards & Screening to Prevent Ice Dams in Truckee CA. Call our Professional Roofers!

Every year winter brings more and more extreme weather conditions that are capable of knocking out power and even bringing cities to a complete halt. One of the areas on the exterior of your home that takes a constant beating especially in winter is your gutter system. Harsh winter weather in the North Lake Tahoe Basin can cause damage when ice builds up in your gutter system and prevents the flow of melting snow from easing down your down spouts for proper drainage. Instead the ice that has built up in the gutter pushes the snow over the lip of the gutter and creates long icicles.

Preventing Ice Dams from Forming on your North Lake Tahoe Basin House

Another area of concern that is equally problematic is the formation of ice dams. Ice dams begin to form when snow builds up on your roof. Even if the temperature stays below freezing, the snow will begin to melt as the heat from within your home warms your roof and melts the snow from underneath. The resulting run off then enters your gutters which are colder in temperature than your roof, causing the melted snow to refreeze. This creates an ice dam which prevents the drainage of any fresh snow from melting. When an ice dam is formed, overexposure to moisture is unavoidable. As the ice begins to melt water penetrates beneath the shingles, and eventually the plywood causing damage to your roof. Keeping your gutters clean prior to the winter months is one way to help prevent ice dams and the resulting buildup. Gutters that are clogged with leaves and other debris will speed up the process of ice damming and the resulting overflow.

Insulating Attic & Roof to Prevent Ice Dams

Another way to keep snow from melting on your roof is to make sure that your roof is properly insulated. Proper insulation will ensure that no warm air is escaping to prematurely melt snow and overload your gutter system. Gutters can also be damaged from snow and ice that builds up after a heavy snow fall. Many gutters can fold under the weight of heavy ice and snow, eventually breaking away from your roof and falling to the ground. That’s why Nickerson Roofing only uses super strong welded 18 gauge steel. Those flimsy seamless gutters wouldn’t hold up in Truckee CA with the heavy snow fall we get!

Heated Gutter Guards & Screening Installation

The experts at Nickerson Roofing have developed a system that utilizes both insulation and ventilation along with heated gutter guards and screening that will give your home the ultimate in gutter protection. Heated gutter guards are energy efficient and safe and designed to prevent thick ice buildup and ice dams. Not only will heated gutter guards strengthen your homes gutters by preventing ice and snow build up, gutter screening will allow rainwater in, while keeping leaves, pine needles and other debris out. Gutter guards can be installed over new or preexisting gutters and are designed to strengthen and reinforce your existing gutter system. By combining insulation & ventilation along with gutter guards and gutter screening you will have a winning combination to keep your home free from leaves and other debris along with melted ice and snow essentially giving you the protection you need all year round.

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For more information on insulation & ventilation along with gutter guards and gutter screening, contact the knowledgeable installation technicians at Nickerson Roofing and speak with an experienced customer service professional about all of your roofing needs. Don’t fight with ice and snow this winter, schedule your appointment today!

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