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Types of Gutters & Downspouts; Contact our Roofers for the Best Roofing Products & Services in Truckee & the North Lake Tahoe Basin of CA

Gutters come in many shapes, sizes and colors and just like most things in life the price points are varied. There are many components to consider when choosing new gutters including material and shape. It is also very important to consider performance and quality which over time will reward you with lasting beauty and minimal maintenance. Deciding on gutters for your residential home or commercial business can often be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, there is help at hand!

The expert roofers at Nickerson Roofing are available to guide you through your gutter selections in Truckee California and the surrounding North Lake Tahoe Basin of California.

Basic Rain Gutter Types

There are two basic gutter types which differ in appearance by the shape of their cross section. Each type comes in both 5 and 6 inch widths.
K-style gutters have both flat bottoms and backs, but the front of the gutter usually has a decorative component that often resembles crown molding. There are many styles available to choose from.
Half-round gutters as the name implies have half round tubes and are most often found on older homes.

Residential and commercial gutters can be made from various materials including:

Aluminum Gutters – one of the most widely used materials for residential guttering. It is lightweight, rust resistant, comes in a wide variety of colors that can be painted and most importantly is perfect for regions that experience heavy snows during winter like the North Lake Tahoe Basin!
Copper Gutters – rust resistant and a beautiful product that does not require painting as it will develop a natural patina over a period of time. Most often used on higher-end properties and historic restorations.
Zinc Gutters – long lasting and durable, an expensive product that is typically used on historic restorations and higher-end residences.
Seamless Aluminum – seamless or continuous gutters are made on site and the fabricator will use a gutter forming machine to custom cut the length of gutter that is needed. One of the many benefits of a seamless gutter system is reducing the risk of leaks. Of course, flimsy seamless gutters just wouldn’t hold up with the heavy snowfall we experience in Truckee California!
Vinyl Gutters – inexpensive and lightweight, one of the disadvantages of vinyl is it can be susceptible to cracking in severe cold and fading in the sunlight. It will not support the weight of ladders or other items that are placed up against them. Again, not a good choice for our region!
Steel Gutters – strong and heavy with many color options and can be painted decorator colors. Available in strong welded 18 gauge steel it can withstand heavy snowfall and is the preferred choice of your Nickerson Roofing professionals!

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For more information about gutters and other roofing installations, replacements, inspections, emergency repairs & maintenance, contact the professionals at Nickerson Roofing today. We invite you to speak with a customer service representative about how an a welded 18 gauge steel gutter can benefit your home or business.

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