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Ventilated Nail Base Roof Insulation Board Panels in Truckee & the North Lake Tahoe Basin of CA; Call the Residential Roofers & Commercial Contractors at Nickerson Roofing!

Efficient attic ventilation is often a concern when managing moisture and prolonging the life of roof coverings along with meeting the challenge of adequately exhausting warm air. Over the years sufficient attic ventilation has become a challenging but workable component for roofing contractors to achieve high performance roofing systems in homes and commercial businesses. And here’s why.

Moisture & Temperature Control of Attic Ventilation for Steep Slope Roofs

With the benefits of moisture and temperature control of attic ventilation widely accepted, the challenge for roofing companies is how to control moisture and temperature on structures that are not typically suited for intake/exhaust attic ventilation systems. Steep-slope roof structures with living spaces directly below the roof deck, glue-lam construction, cathedral ceilings and post & beam construction continue in their popularity within areas such as residential construction, retail stores and institutions. Roofing options include asphalt shingle, metal, and tile roofs including slate. Providing the correct amount of attic ventilation for these structures can be irksome and poses a variety of headaches.

Ventilated Nail Base Insulation

In order to solve the dilemma, ventilated nail base insulation was designed and developed. It combines a product known as polyiso insulation along with a 1” deep air space and a top layer of sheathing that serves as the actual nailing base for the installation of the roof covering. This type of insulation was designed to prevent heat drive into the space below the roof deck in conjunction with the provided air space which allows the excess moisture to be exhausted before it condenses within the roof system.

Benefits of Nail Base Roof Insulation

When combined, the insulating and ventilation features of ventilated nail base insulation are similar in nature to those of a standard attic ventilation system and function under similar principles. Ventilated nail base insulation is installed directly on top of steep-slope wood or steel roof decking and in addition can be used on shingle, tile, slate and metal constructed roofing systems. With the design and popularity of steep-slope roof structures continuing to grow, ventilated nail base insulation will continue to provide a positive solution for architects, builders and roofing contractors who are looking for a viable solution to manage both moisture and temperature control on steep-slope roof systems
• Perfect for cathedral roofing systems, glue lam along with post & beam structures and conditioned attic spaces.
• Reduces the amount of heat drive into living areas and conditioned spaces.
• Exhausts excess moisture before it has a chance to condense within the deck or the roofing system.
• Can be installed on structural wood or steel sloped roofing options.

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