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How Do I Maintain My Roof in the Summer in Kings Beach, CA? What Should I Look for when Inspecting Roofing System?

Most homeowners in the North Lake Tahoe Basin of California are most concerned about their home’s roof in the winter time. They’re worried if their roof structure can handle the extra weight of the piling snow. However, the winter season isn’t the only time your roof is exposed to damaging elements. The summer season can takes its toll on a roof too. The summer heat endangers roofs with developing dry rot, mold, and structure failure. Nickerson Roofing would like to share a summer roof damage inspection checklist to help our homeowners become more aware of potential summer roof problems.

Can I Do a Roofing Inspection Myself?

Before we get started we would like to encourage a roof inspection that is conducted by roofing professionals to ensure a proper and detailed inspection. However, homeowners are also encouraged to independently inspect their home’s roof. In this way they’ll know that when or if a problem does occur they should seek professional help.

Ensure Attic is Properly Ventilated & Insulated

During the summer season it is important to inspect the attic for proper ventilation and insulation. The attic plays a major role for the longevity of the home’s roof. It is important that the attic has proper ventilation as well. Air must circulate and help cool the interior of the attic space. This can prevent heat and moisture from building up inside the attic which creates the perfect environment for mold and dry rot damage to occur. Heat can also cause the internal structure to overheat which can damage many of the various roofing materials. Insulation is also important. The insulation can affect the roof as well as the rest of the home. Poor insulation can make the inside of the home heat up. However, if the insulation isn’t sufficient then your roof can suffer from damages in the winter, which is why it is important to have the insulation in good condition.

Check for Roof Leakage

When yellow stains appear on your ceiling, or you see water stains on the attic roof panels, then you will need to determine the source of the leak. It is important to regularly inspect for water stains to repair the problem quickly. You don’t want moisture getting trapped inside the attic as this can damage your home’s ceiling and roofing material. Leaks can occur underneath shingles, near gutter connections, or unsealed flashing on the roof. Moisture damage can cause mold, misshapen shingles and other roofing material damage. The source of the leak can vary as to how easy or complicated the repairs may be.

Inspect Condition of Roof Shingles

For those who may be doing their own inspections it is recommended that you do not go onto the roof due to possible injury. However, you can do a visual inspection to determine if the roof shingles or tiles are loose or need replacing. Look for missing, cracked or displaced roof tiles or shingles. Often a professional roofer may need to replace missing tiles or shingles. If found, they’ll mount the tiles back in place. They will also look under the displaced or missing tile or shingle to see if any weathering or damages have occurred.

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If you need a professional roof inspection for summer damage and prepare your roof for the cooler fall and winter months, contact Nickerson Roofing for all of your Roofing needs.

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