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Is it Safe to Stay Home During a Roof Replacement or Do I Need to Move Out of House in Truckee, CA?

When you are faced with a roof replacement, it is likely because the roof you have is no longer offering the protection needed for your home. Getting your roof replaced is a big deal and there are several things that you will need to do to get ready for the big day. Nickerson Roofing is here to share our best tips to help you get your home and family ready for you roof replacement.

Make Arrangements for Pets & Kids During Roof Replacement

Your kids and pets are going to be more affected by the roof replacement than you might think. If you have pets and small children, they could be bothered by all the loud noises that are going to be present when you have a new roof put on your home. You may want to consider making other arrangements for them to make them feel as safe as possible. You may decide that you can plan an outing for you and your small children for the day to get you out of the house. If your kids are old enough, talk about what is going to be happening and what the loud noises will be from.

Move Your Vehicles Away from House when Replacing Roof

If you have vehicles that you will need to be able to use throughout the roof replacement process, you may want to move them so that you can get them out of your garage or driveway with ease. There will likely be a dumpster that is on your property for all the old roofing materials as the old roof is torn off your home. There are also going to be deliveries for the shingles and other roofing supplies needed for the job. Make sure your vehicle is parked in a place that will allow you to still get in and out of the home.

Take Décor Off the Walls when Roof is Being Replaced

There will be pounding and banging as the new roof is put on your home. This can cause anything hanging on your walls to come tumbling down if they aren’t mounted well. Consider removing any décor that you can so that you don’t have anything damaged by falling off the walls.

Prune Trees Before New Roof is Installed

You will need to have any trees hanging over your roof pruned before a new roof can be installed on your home. This will give the crew the space they need to safely get your new roof installed. If there are tree branches hanging over the roof, have them cut back before the big day.

Talk to Neighbors Before Installing a New Roof

Let your neighbors know that you will be replacing your roof so that they are prepared for the noise and the traffic that comes with roof replacement. They will appreciate the heads up and you won’t have anyone mad at you when the time comes.

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