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How Do I Know when My Roof Needs to Be Replaced in Mystic, CA? Cracked or Missing Shingles, Moss & More

When it comes to your roof, it is the primary piece of the structure that strengthens your home and offers a barrier and protection. If the roof is compromised, it can lead to additional structural problems. There are signs that indicate your roof needs attention that may not raise any red flags unless you know they are. Today, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to share the primary signs that require the attention of a professional.

How Old is Roof?

It should be inspected by professionals thoroughly if your roof age is above 25 years. The leakage can be there from the internal sheetrock, though it may look perfect from the outside. Whether the roof replacement is required or not, proper assessment of the roof is necessary to confirm. This helps you to understand the amount that you need to expend for repairing and replacing the roof.

Moss & Algae Growing on Roof

Common for a roof that is quite older is the spreading of moss, algae, mold, and so forth. It will catch lichen easily if your roof does not get enough sunlight. Lichen cannot grow fast if there is proper water drainage system on the roof. You will come to know more about how to remove lichen, moss, or algae from the roof when you consult with an experienced roof repair contractor. If the roof is made of tiles experts can suggest a power wash.

Cracked Shingles are Bad

The shingles completed their lifespan, and these are required to be altered once you notice cracked shingles on the roof. Water can enter between the shingles if there are any cracks, which will damage the roof entirely. This makes it extremely necessary to contact a professional for assistance. Whether the entire shingles are required to be altered or not is assessed by the professionals.

Missing Shingles

Replacing shingles may be part of rood repairs and maintenance. As these starts to wear out, it is not uncommon that asphalt shingles will be losing their granules. These shingles become loose and will start damaging the roof over time. As you may have noticed the trend, you need a professional. With the old ones and the roof will lose its attraction, the new shingles will never match. Usually in such cases, it is recommended you replace the entire roof to give it a fresh and elegant look.

Sagging Roof

You should hire an expert to inspect it once you identify a noticeable sag on the roof. It should be inspected thoroughly even if it is not leaking. With the structure of the building, it can be due to any problem. It can be for the mistake in the use of right-hand trigonometry at the time of installation, and then the roof may get sagged on the other hand, which is a sign of weak foundation support of the building. It is better to get it checked by experts though a sagging roof does not cause immediate danger to the residents. Experts will do the repairing of the roof if required.

Curling Shingles

Due to the weather, shingles get curled. In two forms, shingles can get curled that include one is clawing, and the other one is cupping. These get curled on the edges, the shingles get curled from the middle whereas, in cupping in clawing. You should get it checked by professionals if you notice that the shingles of your roof are developing these issues. The work must be done by professional roof contractors only since roof repairing and maintenance is a complicated process.

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