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How Tree Branches & Leaves Can Damage Your Roof & Block Your Gutters in Dollar Point, CA

There are parts of your home that are going to be out in the weather and up against some problems. One of these areas is the roof. It is intended to be on the home to help with a layer of protection from sun, rain, wind and more. The roof is a huge part of the house and you want to make sure that you do not neglect the care that it needs. It is there to go up against the elements but it can be damaged and needs to be inspected on a regular basis. There are several materials your roof can be made of but they all are prone to damage. One cause of damage to your roof comes from the trees that are on your property or on your neighbor’s property. Nickerson Roofing outlines what damage a tree can cause to your roof.

Tree Branches Touching Roof

Your home should be able to have beauty around it such as trees and flowers. The trees that are around your property will continue to grow over time and the spring time is the biggest time for them to grow. The branches will start to reach far and wide and they can start to hang over the roof. The hanging branches are a cause for concern for your roof if they are not stable and have the potential to fall. The branches will start to grow and the spring also bring wind and rain in most areas. That means that if the tree is not in great shape it can drop branches right onto your roof. This has the potential to tear the shingles and even cause damage to the layers under the roofing shingles. This can lead to a leak in the roof and water damage in your home.

Damage from Tree Leaves on Roof

Some people think that as long as their trees are in good shape and trimmed and cared for they cannot cause any damage. The tree can be in great shape but still pose a risk to the roof. The problem comes from the leaves that will fall from the tree. They fall most often in the fall weather but they can fall all year. The leaves can start to pile up and build up on the roof. This will then trap the moisture under the pile of leaves. This can allow mold and mildew on the roof and this will cause damage and a mess that has to be cleaned. You want to make sure that your roof has a good ten foot radius of space between the home and the tree.

Tree Leaves & Debris Blocking Gutters

The trees that are around your home can cause leaves and debris to fall into the gutters that are there to protect your home. You want to make sure that the debris is cleared off your roof as well as the gutters so that the water can move freely through and away from the house. If you allow too much debris to get in the gutters it can cause damage to the gutters and the roof in the process.

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