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Can a Leaky Roof Cause Mold, Electrical, Insulation, Ceiling & Other Damage in Ridgewood, CA?

When a leak is discovered, even a small leak, the problem should be resolved quickly. A roof leak can do a number of damages to a home and not just structurally. Too many homeowners will delay repairing a leak until it is too late and the cost of repairing the roof gets out of reach. Roofing repairs are best done immediately to ensure the entire health of the home and roof. Nickerson Roofing would like to share some of the dangers of roof leaks and why they should never be neglected.

Electrical Damage from Roof Leak

When leaks from the roof spread out, the water can trickle down the walls and into the ceiling. It not only leaves stains and damages drywall, it can also affect the electrical wiring as well. Water and electrical wiring do not mix. When electrical systems get wet it can cause the breakers to trip and even cause a fire. It is too common for electrical fires to start due to roof leaks and water or moisture contact. When you discover a leak make sure to quickly determine the source and address it.

Wet Insulation from Leaking Roof

A home is covered in insulation. Insulation can be found in the attic, walls and ceiling. The insulation helps ensure the home is insulated, maintaining better indoor temperature retention. When a roof leaks water into the walls and on the attic insulation, it can damage the insulation and even cause mold to grow. It is very common to find attic insulation covered in mold due to roof leaks. To prevent damaged insulation, it is important to repair the leaks.

Mold on Ceiling from Leak Roof

Mold doesn’t just thrive in insulation but on any surface and material in the home. Mold can develop on drywall and wood too. Wood is used for the entire framing structure of the home, including the roof and walls. Mold can weaken and even decay the wood which can then cause a roof to collapse, not to mention the costly repairs. Not only can mold damage the material in the home it can also become hazardous. There are many types of mold that can develop in a home. Some mold can cause major illness and even death. Minor conditions start with allergies and skin irritations. If a leak is left unchecked you can be allowing mold to infect your entire home, especially, if the mold develops in the attic.

Roofing Damage from Leaking Roof

When water begins to damage the various layers of a roofing system, you put the entire household at risk. Water damage can compound over time and even lead to a roof collapsing. Water damage can allow rodents and or pests inside the attic and into the rest of your home. Rain, hail, snow and ice can cause prolonged roof damage. After winter and the snow melts off the roof make sure to inspect for water damage and leaks.

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If you have discovered a roof leak in your home attic or in the walls and ceiling, make sure to determine the source. Repair the leaks before it become a bigger problem. Minor leaks are much easier to repair. If you allow compounded problems to accrue you can be looking at a major investment to repair your home. For quality roofing inspections, repairs, and roof replacement, contact Nickerson Roofing today.

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