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How to Keep Birds, Mice, Rodents & Other Pests Away from Your Roof in Tahoe City, CA

Your roof is a major component of your home’s structure and its protection against the elements. However, what is protecting your roof? As much as your roof provides shelter and protection to you and your home’s structure, it too needs its own protection from the elements. There are a number of damaging elements that a roof is constantly exposed to. There is sun damage, weather or storm damage, and even damages caused by pests. Most people’s minds jump right to birds or pigeons as the number one pest that damages our roof. They would be right. However, birds aren’t the only problem. There are rodents, termites, and other wildlife that can pose a threat to your roof as well. Nickerson Roofing will share a few tips on how you can protect your roof from these pests.

Roof Repair; Reseal Shingles

Through both pest activity and weather, shingles can become loosened and expose the underneath materials that can damage the entire roof’s under-structure. Additionally, rodents and other invasive pests can gain access to your home through these loosened shingles. Inspect your roof often for loose shingles. If you notice that some shingles have slid out of place, reseal the shingle and check the neighboring shingles as well to see if they are loose are require resealing. Some of the looser shingles may need to be re-nailed down to hold the shingle in place. Test the shingle after repair and make sure that is still held in place. If you do need to nail the shingle down, use long enough nails for the job. Also use a good quality nail that won’t rust in the elements.

Trim Tree Branches Hanging Over & Touching Roof

Overgrown tree limbs can give pests access to your roof. If there are tree limbs that make contact with or are close enough to your roof, or you have seen pests use the branches to get onto your roof, it is best to trim them back some. Most people will plant trees to help shade their home and cool it down naturally. Shade is good. However, if the tree is too close then it is a gate for many kinds of pests to get to your roof and mostly rodents.

Strengthen Insulation to Prevent Mice, Rats & Other Pests in Roof

In the event that pests have already begun climbing onto your roof, and are in your attic, you will not only need to reseal it, you will also need to re-insulate the damaged area. This should be done especially if your insulation was poorly installed to begin with. Pests often can gain access easier and quicker is such cases. You may want to consult with a roofing company that can help re-insulate your roof after pests have destroyed it. By re-insulating your roof correctly, it can prevent further pest invasions.

Roof Spikes & Netting to Prevent Pigeons & Roosting Birds

Birds, especially pigeons, alongside rodents often like to use the eaves of the roof as shelter and nesting grounds. You will want to prevent these pests from roosting or nesting on your roof by placing bird spikes or netting along the eaves and landing areas of the roof.

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Nickerson Roofing provides inspection services. By having our experienced inspectors examine your roof, we can help eliminate future pest threats. Additionally, we can repair any damage caused by storms, weather, and pests to maintain your roof. Contact Nickerson Roofing for all your roofing needs.

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