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Hazards to Roofs in Dollar Point, CA; Roofing Damage Caused by Tree Branches & More

Your roof is the barrier between the occupants and the great outdoors. It acts as a protective shield against the elements; which makes it susceptible to damage as it takes a lot of the abuse. Today, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to relate some of the common dangers roofs face to help you minimize the potential dangers.

Hazards & Risks to Roofs

1) Branches Hanging Over Roof: Trees are often placed near the home to provide shade and privacy. When they are grown close, the branches will eventually hang over the roof. A windy day, a sickly tree, or a number of scenarios will cause the limbs break off and with gravity doing its work, your roof will sustain damage when the branches fall off and hit the roof. Additionally, the limbs will scrape the granules from shingles every time the wind blows with enough force, causing the shingles to expedite the deterioration. Tree branches also give wildlife an opportunity to gain access to your roof, which will then sustain damage from their foraging for food and nesting material. Finally, branches contain moisture, which will cause the water to pool in pockets, destroying the roofing materials. Avoid these problems by keeping your tree’s limbs properly pruned away from the roof; preventing serious damage.
2) Clogged Gutters & Downspouts: Fallen leaves, sticks, animal habits, ice and other debris is a recipe for clogged gutters; not only do clogged gutters cause problems for your home’s foundation, but it can be detrimental to your roof. The gutters are designed to carry away the water from rain and melting ice and snow to keep the moisture at bay. When the gutters are obstructed, the water has nowhere to go and will absorb into the shingles and wood materials beneath them. After excessive exposure the water deteriorates the materials as well as producing mold, which only adds more decay to the roof. Simply maintaining clean gutters twice a year will contribute to a healthy roof and help you avoid the need for costly repairs.
3) Roof Leaks: Leaks are a symptom of a weak roof. Allowing leaks to fester continues the decaying process as the water drips on rafters, joists, ceiling and even the walls. The water breaks down the integrity of the roofs strength causing roof rot, potential mold, and expediting the deterioration. A weakened structure will eventually cause the roof to collapse causing costly repairs and replacements as well as being at risk for serious injury.
4) Debris on Roof: Not only do the debris of leaves, sticks, and other such materials cause clogs in the gutters, but there are additional contributions they will make if not regularly cleared. Leaves, dirt, sticks, and so on are all capable of absorbing moisture, leaving the roof exposed to prolonged moisture, mold conditions and added weight on the roof. If these materials are dry they can be the right kindle for fire from lightening storms, fireworks, and so forth. Keep the debris off your roof to minimize risks of decaying factors.
5) Wind, Rain, Hail & Other Weather Harms Roofs: Though there is little you can do, the weather abuses your roof just as much as other variables. Humidity in the air, pouring rain storms, ice, snow buildup, hail, lightning, and violent wind storms assault the roof, tearing it to shreds and causing other damage. To help offer your roof more protection against the uncontrollable weather, upgrade to waterproof materials and insulation.

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