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How Much Weight Can a Roof Support? How to Get Snow Off Rooftop of House in Mystic, CA

After a big snowfall you may start to wonder if your roof will be able to handle the extra weight. The smartest and safest option to remove ice and snow from your rooftop is to reach for the phone to call a professional to remove it. The lack of an incline on flat roofing it particular makes it possible for snow to collect on the surface, instead of sliding off as it should. The roof is then forced to bear extra weight that can result in damage or even collapse of the entire structure, making it imperative to remove it efficiently to prevent any problems. But even high pitched, sloped roofs can have excess snow buildup that can cause damage to your roof and structure.

How Much Weight Can a Roof Support? When is it Necessary to Remove Excess Snow?

It isn’t the depth of the snow being a critical factor in determining if extra snow is going to be an issue, it’s the weight. Wet snow is considerably heavier than dry, fluffy snow. Six inches of wet snow is equal to the weight of about 38 inches of dry snow! Building codes require that your roof will be able to support more than the normal load of snow and ice. To figure out what type of snow you’re dealing with, pick up a few shovelfuls of heaping snow to see. Local storm weather forecasts will alert to the possibility of snow loads that may become a threat to your roof.

Weight of Snow on Roof Calculator; Signs of Too Much Snow on Rooftops?

If your doors on interior walls begin to stick it signals that there’s enough weight on the center structure of the property to distort the door frame. Look for sagging ceilings, sprinkler heads and/or sprinkler lines and listen for popping, cracking, and creaking noises. You can ignore doors on exterior walls but interior doors leading to second-floor rooms, closets, and attics in the center of your property should be checked. Drywall or plaster around frames on these doors should not have visible cracks. The most susceptible properties to cave-ins are those that had un-permitted renovations or the improper removal of load-bearing walls.

Tools & Process of Rooftop Snow Removal

The first step is to clear the area. Inspect the ground level around the building and remove anything that may be damaged from falling snow and block the area from people possibly being hurt. Lifting is better than sweeping. Not allowing the roof to be scraped prevents too much weight being placed on a single area of the roof. After excess snow has been removed the surface will be swept. Added pressure should be avoided to ensure that there isn’t any unnecessary damage. If ice is discovered during removal, an applications of de-ice can be used. This can help remove ice, rather than breaking it up, causing damage. Once it melts it can be swept off. The gutters will be swept free of any ice, snow and debris that gathered during clean up to avoid clogging. The roof will not be bone dry at the end of the job but excess weight will be removed making it safer.

Rooftop Snow Removal & Prevention & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

Rooftop snow removal needs to be done very cautiously. Not only is it very strenuous, but there is great danger in creating more problems to the roof surface than the extra snow would have. Call Nickerson Roofing to get it done the right way!

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