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For Pitched Sloped or Flat Roof Ice Melting Devices, Snow Guards & Retention Systems in Truckee, CA

Winters in the North Lake Tahoe Basin are brutal. They are freezing and cause an insane amount of snow to fall. Where does that snow land? Everywhere; even your roof. If you are not careful, the weight of that snow can cause your roof to buckle and cave in. But what can you do about it? Nickerson Roofing offers many methods to help ease the burden of snow on your roof, but in this blog, we will relate some of the benefits of our snow retention and ice melting systems.

Snow Guards & Snow Retention Devices

Snow Guards for Slate, Metal & Other Sloped Roofs. Snow guards are clever little devices that get fastened to a sloped roofing surfaces. With proper installation from a professional like Nickerson Roofing, it will help negate snow complications.
Snow Retention Devices & Systems. When the snow and ice compiles on a sloped roof, between the rise of the temperatures outside and the heat emanating from the building, that original snowfall and ice will begin to melt. During this melting progress, a layer of water develops between the snow and ice and the roof itself. Water, acting like a natural lubricant, makes quick work of the snow and ice sliding off all at once. Thanks to snow retention, the snow and ice fall will break, and be held on the roof. For safety’s sake, it then allows the snow to run off the roof in small doses, or even completely melt while still on the roof. The snow guards also jump into play here and help to evenly distribute the weight of snow and ice which contributes to damage. With the combination of snow guards and the snow retention system, it reduces damage on pedestrian areas, parked or moving vehicles, pricey landscaping, vents for plumbing or gutters, skylights or atriums, lower or adjacent roofs and other surfaces.

Other Benefits of Snow Retention & Ice Melting Systems

1. Snow Retention. With a snow retention system, you can better control where the snow is going to fall. Some folks opt for the snow clips, they help prevent large loads of snow from falling off your roof, keeping the snow off entry points and/or walk ways. The authentic snow retention systems are more durable, lasting years, and offer even more control of when the slide off happens. As a North Lake Tahoe Basin homeowner, you have probably experienced your fair share of leaky roofs proceeding a nasty winter. Having the ventilation also helps control airflow. You can still maintain your perfect temperatures, and find the ideal water flow.
2. Preventive Roof Damage Maintenance. Properly keeping the weight of the snow off your roof, reduces the possibility of roof damage or cave ins. Investing in snow retention systems, saves you more money over time. Keeping your roof better intact helps reduce the need of roof repairs, which could be quite costly.

Snow & Ice Roofing Systems & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

Our professionals of Nickerson Roofing have the expertise and experience to help keep your roof in great shape no matter the season. Call us today to discuss your roofs better strategy on maintaining the snow on your roof.

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