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Do I Need Gutters on My House? How Long Do Gutters Last & When Do You Need to Replace Them in Carnelian Bay, CA?

The gutter systems on your roof are imperative to your roof’s integrity. Gutters are your roof water system that channels rain and melting snow off and away from your roof. They prevent calcium build up and later disintegration of your roof’s tile as well. Without this system working properly you will find that you will need to repair or even replace your roof sooner than it needs to be. Gutter repair or replacements should be done when problems occur. Mike’s Roofing will share some signs that your gutters might be in need of repair or replacements.

Do I Need Gutters On My House? Why Are They Important?

Are your gutters sagging or pulling away from your house? When gutters are sagging, bowing or pulling away from your house they are not fulfilling their purpose. This is one of the most obvious signs that you will need to either repair by reattaching your old gutter systems or even replacing them, depending on their current condition. If left unattended, when water does travel through them (if it does at all) it will eventfully fall from off your house.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters; Rust, Leaks, Sagging & More

Rusty gutters are a sign of old age and future problems. If you start to see rust building up on your gutters, get a ladder and inspect them. If you notice holes where rust has eaten through the metal, or soon will be eaten through, it is time to replace your gutters. There are new gutters made of aluminum that won’t rust, making them a great investment if you need to replace your gutters.

Gutter & Downspout Inspections

Gutters that aren’t working correctly can create floods. If you’re noticing pools of puddles in areas that shouldn’t have them — or worse coming into your home — you may want to get your gutters inspected and resolve quickly any problems that are found. Flooded basements or homes is expensive to repair and causes a lot of damage if you let puddles go unchecked.

Gutters Overflowing; Water Pouring Over Gutters

Are you beginning to notice streak marks from water running off your gutter system? Water that is running off or splattering will create streaks or other forms of water damage on the siding of your house. This will cause many kinds of damage such as paint peeling off, wood deterioration, or calcium build up on stones, and bricks that will quickly decay your home and add costly repairs. There could be many reasons why your gutters will have water running off. In most cases it’s due to poor installation. However other problems can arise or time.

Need to Repair Cracks & Splits in Gutters

Splits or cracks in your gutter system are another obvious problem. However sometimes the smallest of cracks can go unnoticed. Look for constant dripping. This can be a sign of gutter damage. If left unattended it can later turn into a larger problem where water will begin to run down the side of you house causing you even more problems. There are special gutter tape and roofing cement that can repair small crack or splits. However larger crack means replacing your gutters. That is why you should also be on top of all gutter damages.

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If your gutters are showing signs of leakage, rust, or other forms of damages, Nickerson’s Roofing can help you with repairing and replacing your roofs gutters. We recommend 18 gauge welded steel guttering to stand up to our extreme snow and weather conditions. Call Nickerson’s Roofing and stop those leaks today.

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