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Common Causes of Roof Problems in Kings Beach, CA; Age, Wind Damage & More

Many homeowners don’t give the roof above their heads a second’s thought. The roof on the house is just there doing its job day in and day out. However, if something goes wrong with your roof, you want to know as soon as possible so that you avoid severe damage to your home. There are many things that can cause roof damage. Being aware of what they are can help you avoid serious damage to your home. Nickerson Roofing is here to talk about what some of the most common causes of roof damage so that you, as a homeowner, can be prepared.

What Causes Roof Damage?

Following are some of the leading causes of roof damage:
– Age of Roof: When it comes to your roof, you are going to see far more damage happen toward the end of your roof’s lifespan. As the shingles get old, they are going to be more susceptible to problems like cracking and brittleness. It is important that you are having regular roof inspections for older roofs so that you can avoid severe damage due to aging shingles.
– Moisture & Cold Temperatures: Your roof is responsible for keeping your home protected from moisture and water damage. However, if the water isn’t draining properly away from your roofline, it can lead to damage to your roof. Fluctuations between hot and cold temperatures can also be a problem for your roof. Make sure you’re working with professionals to repair any damage that happens as soon as you notice it.
– Wind Damage to Roof: Another element that can be destructive to your roof is strong wind. When there are strong winds in your area, it can cause shingles to be ripped off of your roof, leaving it susceptible to even more damage. Maintaining your roof properly can help you avoid this from happening as any loose shingles will be replaced or repaired so that they are less susceptible to damage.
– Poor Roof Installation: Unfortunately, not all roofing companies do a good job when they install a roof. If the roof wasn’t installed properly, you are going to run into problems throughout the life of the roof. This is why it is so vital that you find the right company to work for you. You want to make sure the investment you make in a new roof will be one that will be able to stand the tests of time.

How Do I Protect My Roof Avoid Damage?

You want to make sure you avoid damage to your roof at all costs so that you don’t experience damage in other areas of your home. This means that you should have regular inspections done on your roof, make necessary repairs as soon as you notice them, and make sure that you are working with a highly qualified roofing contractor.

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