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Can Trees Damage Your Roof in Kings Beach, CA? Tree Branches, Leaves, Debris & Falling Trees Harm Roofing Systems!

Trees in any landscaping, without a doubt, are beneficial in countless ways. Some advantages are when they are strategically planted can produce shade, protect from winds, provide healthier air, assist with the HVAC system efforts, offer entertainment and in many cases, food. No matter if you have one tree, or several, or are planning to add trees, it is important that they are properly planted away from the house. Most people are under the common assumption that roof damage is only caused by long-term effects of wear and tear or severe weather. Unfortunately, there are quite a few different elements that can harm the integrity of your roof, and trees are a common threat. Today, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to take a closer look at the roof damage that occurs due to trees that grew too close to the structure.

Tree Branches Should Not Hang Over Roof?

The most severe weather conditions, most know, are from winter with areas that experience snow and wind. But the severe wind and snow is not the only problem. Overhanging branches easily snap under the weight of the snow and rain or from the high winds where these overhanging branches fall on the roof, which at the least, compromises the shingle’s integrity. Eventually, the damage builds up and causes leaks and other issues. You should have a ten-foot radius around your home, free of branches to prevent this. If any branches are questionable after taking the time to inspect the trees for signs of decay. Consider professionals to ensure the correct branch trimming is done or if any whole trees are removed to avoid accidental damage.

Can Leaves Damage a Roof?

Roof damage can also be contributed to falling leaves. Damage to shingles and the roof as well can be attributed to the leaf buildup on the roof, especially the dense quantities and even under snow, will increase the moisture exposure. The damage can also stem from the weight of the buildup over time. Keep the roof clean from excessive leaves to eliminate the risk.

Tree Debris Damages Gutters

The gutters collect all manners of debris in addition to the leaves. The trees and branches serve as a natural habitat for all manners of pests as they have access to the seeds. The twigs, dirt, nesting materials, pest nests, wastes, and leaves among other debris contributes to clogs that leads to other damage. The gutter issues extend to the roof and even the foundation. Especially just before winter when the majority of the leaves have fallen at the tail-end of fall, make sure the gutters are cleaned regularly.

Falling Trees on Roofing Systems

One that is more common than you think, falling trees is a major risk. Still a threat are even the less intimidating trees. Routinely inspect the trees to assess to ensure that should they fall; the tree needs to clear the house. Identify any potential damage from severe storms and look for signs rot and decay. Contact a pro to remove them as quickly as possible if you believe you have any trees that can be deemed a hazard.

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