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Professional Rooftop Snow Removal Service in Truckee, CA; Emergency Shoveling, Raking Ice Dams & More!

When most folks list the things in their lives they are grateful for it’s usually the food on their tables, the clothes on their backs, and the roof over their heads. The roof over your head is a big one, and you want to preserve your roof with proper maintenance and repairs all year long. The winter months are hard on roofs. Snow continually falls and builds up. Your roof can only withstand so much weight pressure before it buckles. Nickerson Roofing would like to outline the benefits of hiring a professional to remove the compacted snow from off your roof this cold winter season.

Rooftop Snow Facts

1. Wet snow outweighs the drier, fluffier snow.
2. Weight is the determining factor when knowing if snow needs to be removed.
3. What is too much? Generally too much of a snow load is included in the local weatherman’s forecast.
4. Most often when a roof caves in under the weight of the snow, it is the result of an unsanctioned snow bearing wall being removed.
5. To know the weight of the fallen snow as well as whether it’s the wet, icy heavier snow or the fluffy, dry snow; simply shovel a few loads at ground level. If it’s the heavier snow, call the experts at Nickerson Roofing to handle the dangerous snowfall on your roof.

Signs you Need Emergency Roof Snow Removal Service

– If there is a excess amount of weight due to snow on your roof top, you will notice the doors inside your home sticking shut. That indication is due to the snow weighing out the center of the structure of your home, causing the door frame to distort.
– If there are any visible cracks on the drywall near the door frames, this could also be a tell-tale sign of too much snow on your roof.
– If more than 6 inches of snow has fallen in a short amount of time.

Cost of DIY Roof Snow Removal

There are a few methods you can choose from if you want to tackle this issue yourself. Remember safety first. Rooftops are hard to traverse in perfect weather conditions, but now you are performing labor related chores and using a shovel or rake while trying to keep your balance. For safety’s sake along, it is highly recommended you hire a pro.
– Utilizing a rake for snow removal is optimal. For smaller homes, remove as much snow as you can before climbing the ladder. Carefully manage the snowfall with your rake.
Shoveling snow is better done right after snowfall, but just like using the rake you need to perform this task carefully.
De-icing heat cables are a great alternative to snow removal. Having a professional install the heating cables can help keep the weight of the snow from off your roof, without requiring you to climb ladders and removing the snow manually. Nickerson Roofing is the leading experts in heat and de-icing cable installation.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Rooftop Snow Removal Service

– When you hire a professional from Nickerson Roofing, you know that an expert is properly and efficiently removing the snow without causing harm or damage to the roof itself.
– With Nickerson Roofing’s expertise, you don’t have to take matters in your own hands and risk safety. Especially those who have physical disabilities where climbing a ladder isn’t an option. Our tradesmen have the experience and know-how to safely and efficiently remove the snow from your roof, keeping you in the safety of your home.
– We offer many methods and services to help with the impact your roof receives from snowfall. We have ice melting systems and snow retention systems. They help reduce damage and contribute to safety measures.
Proper gutter installation with the right size and material can greatly enhance the roof’s protection from snowfall. We install 18 gauge steel welded gutters that can withstand the heaviest snow falls.

Professional Rooftop Snow Shoveling, Raking & Removal, Ice Melting Systems & Snow Retention, De-Icing Cable Systems, 18 Gauge Steel Welded Gutters & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

Let us at Nickerson Roofing, professionally remove the snow from your roof. Call us today to schedule your next appointment! We also perform free consultations to determine what services are best suited for your home, roof, lifestyle and budget.

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