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Best Roof Material Types for Your Truckee, CA Continental Climate with Dry Summers & Snowy Winters; Asphalt, Metal or Rubber

When it comes to selecting a roof for your home or business, climate actually plays a part. Your roof is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Intense weather, dry or humid climates, pollution, and time all contribute to the natural deterioration. After time, the roof will need more than repairs, even with regular maintenance that will prolong the lifespan; eventually it will need to be replaced. We at Nickerson Roofing has compiled some information to consider when selecting the roof for your home according to the climate you live in, whether you are building a new home or need replacement.

Best Roofing Materials for Cold Climates

The states throughout the Midwest to the East Coast have a tendency to endure cooler temperatures and excessive snow. The heavy mounds of snow that accumulates on the rooftops contribute to additional damage of the various components that comprise the roof not conducive to those conditions. Slate and metal roofing for example, are optimal materials with their heavy and durable characteristics. However, application requires extra reinforcements on the roof to manage the weight of falling snow. To absorb the winter sunlight when the rays are not hindered by the snow and create some additional heating, cooler climates should take advantage of dark rooftop services. Darker shingles draw in that heat and are capable of enduring the violent wind storms where other roofing materials such as clay tiles could easily get broken. Though it lacks an attractive presentation, rubber roofing is also a quality solution for heat absorption and more resistant to winds.

Best Roofing Materials for Humid / Tropical Climates

In states with normally high humidity levels and consistent precipitation, it is imperative to avoid rooftop materials that can easily grow algae. Asphalt shingles are very popular among homeowners prone to humid or tropical climates throughout the United States. With their durability and inexpensive benefits, asphalt shingles in tropical/humid climates treated with algaecides can also offer enhanced aesthetics. Metal roofing is also a choice when dealing in the wetter climates. With modern advances, the metal rooftops are treated with rust-resistant and waterproof resins as well as being algae proof. In places where hail is common, metal may not be the first choice as the hail could potentially cause dents in metal roofs. But then again, hail is quite capable of damaging any roofing material. To ensure it is able to withstand high winds, the metal rooftop should be constructed with the flat sheets of metal.

Best Roofing Materials for Hot & Dry Climates

In the hot and dry climates, the last thing homeowners want is having a rooftop that is designed to absorb and draw more heat inside. Avoid the rubber roofing to prevent particularly hot and uncomfortable summers as well as increased energy bills. Metal roofing is not ideal either due to the sun’s rays heating the surface, despite the fact light is reflected away. Asphalt shingles can be colored in lighter shades but it is still dark enough to draw in the heat. For hot and dry desert, clay tiles deliver ultimate results. Clay tiles can be more expensive, but the beneficial gain is well worth the investment. Some benefits include blocking the heat, being wind-resistant, and increasing the curb appeal.

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Truckee, CA is classified as a continental climate with very hot summers and very cold winters. Truckee is actually fifth snowiest city in the United States! If you need a replacement roof or installing a new one on your dream home, consult with Nickerson Roofing and we will help you find the most optimal roofing materials that fit your budget and our local climate. Call us today to get started!

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