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Why Steel Gutters are Better than Aluminum in Extreme Weather in Kings Beach, CA

While many don’t even think twice about their gutters, it is a very important part of the functionality of your home. Having your gutters cleaned and working well, will help your home and yard do better when the weather changes. If you are looking for a different type of gutter because you are noticing yours are leaking or breaking. You may want to consider steel gutters. Nickerson Roofing outlines why below.

Steel Gutters are Better in Extreme Weather

When you are looking into gutters, you need to consider what type of weather you have. Steel gutters hold up best in extreme weather. Steel gutters don’t bend easily, so they hold up really well with heavy winds and debris. They don’t expand with extreme temperatures either, they hold in place very well. The one downside with steel gutters is that they can rust over time, but steel gutters do not crack or bend like aluminum gutters.

Less Prone to Gutter Leaks

You don’t want leaks in your gutter, you want it to flow and come out where it is supposed to. Steel gutters do not contract and expand like aluminum gutters, this can help prevent leaks from happening. With steel gutters, there is less of a chance of leaks happening. Steel gutters can come seamlessly. Aluminum gutters have to be connected. Steel gutters can be seamless and this can help eliminate those leaks at the joints.

Long Lifespan of Steel Gutters

Steel gutters can last up to 20 years when properly taken care of. With your steel gutters, you want to make sure that they are cleaned often so that the water is continually flowing and not sitting in the gutter without moving. When water stands in the gutter, it can start to cause rusting. You want to regularly inspect the zinc coating and if there are any new rust spots on your gutters. With the proper care for steel gutters, they can last you for many years.

Steel Gutters Can Be Installed Two Ways

We talked a little bit about steel being seamless. When you install steel gutters, you can install them in two different ways. The first way is a seamless gutter. This is a single piece of material that does not require any seams or joints. They seem to last longer and are more durable. Seamless steel gutters do have to be customized while installing so that they fit perfectly with your home. The second is sectional. This is when the steel is put together in sections. This is more affordable than seamless, but you can run into the issue of them separating, just like aluminum and you may see leaking start to appear.

Steel Gutter Installation, Roof Repair, Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

There are many different types of gutters that you can choose from. But throughout the North Lake Tahoe Basin area of California, Nickerson Roofing offers installation and replacement of premium 18 gauge steel gutters. Our 18 gauge welded steel guttering system is the most recommended to homeowners to bear the heavy snowfall. Call us to help your roof be better equipped to handle the snow today.

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