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Why is it Important to Remove Snow from My Roof in Mystic, CA? Avoid Sagging Ceiling, Leaks & Other Damage

We are quickly moving into the coldest months of the year. This means that it won’t be long before snowflakes start to fly. It is important that we do what we can right now to prepare for the winter that is surely on its way. One way to prepare your home for the winter is to make sure your roof is ready for the snow too. Too much snow on your roof can cause significant damage to the roof and your home. There are several different things that you can do to keep the snow to a minimum this year. Nickerson Roofing is here to talk about why keeping the snow off your roof is important, and what you can do to solve this problem this winter.

How Does Snow Affect Your Roof?

While a little bit of snow on the roof isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you need to make sure that there aren’t large amounts of snow up there or you could wind up with damage. The weight of the snow can cause extreme stress to the roof and your home. Here are some signs that your roof has too much snow on top of it.
– Sagging ceiling
– Strange popping and cracking noise as your roof struggles under the snow
– Your interior doors may have a difficult time opening and closing all of a sudden
– You notice that there are leaks in your ceiling
– Cracks start to form in the walls or masonry of your home.

How Do You Prevent Snow Build Up on Your Roof?

It might sound easy enough to get excess snow off of your roof, but it is actually hard to remove it without causing damage to your roof in the process. There are a few different methods that can used to keep the snow to a minimum this winter.
– Heat Cables: If you struggle with ice dams, heat cables can be a great way to get rid of them to avoid any water that could cause problems.
– Snow Fences: Sometimes, there is movement in the upper layers of the snow on your roof. Snow fences help to stop that movement to avoid damaging your roof.
– Snow guards: These guards hold snow to the roof to help slow down the melting process. It is helpful when trying to avoid ice dams on the roof. This can help you avoid any damage to your property by large avalanches of rooftop snow to come crashing down.

Rooftop Snow Solutions, New Roof Installation & Re-roofing Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

If your roof isn’t ready for the snow this season, you can turn to Nickerson Roofing to help ensure it is ready. We will make sure your gutter system is going to be able to handle the snowy weather as well as your roof. We offer several different systems that can help you deal with snow removal and ice dams this winter as well. Call us today!

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