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When is it Better to Repair a Roof or Replace It in Truckee, CA? Extent of Roofing Damage & More

If you are like most homeowners, the thought of replacing your roof is filled with nothing but dread. This is one of the most expensive repairs you will make to your home. The roof is also your home’s biggest defense against the elements too. You want to know that no matter what the weather looks like, you will be safe and sound in your home without fear of water damage. It is normal for your roof to start to show signs of wear and tear over the years though. This can often lead to issues with your roof that might leave you wondering if you really need to replace it or if you can just get away with some repairs to get a few more years out of it. Nickerson Roofing is here to talk about roof repair when compared to roof replacement.

The Dilemma of Repair Over Replacement

When your faced with roofing issues, you might have minor damage that could easily be repaired rather than replacing the entire roof. This might be something like missing shingles, small leaks, or missing tiles or flashing. Repair would only make sense if there were one problem, that when fixed, can solve the roofing issue with the rest of the roof intact. Roof replacement would be necessary when the issue is a widespread concern. That can be fixed with one minor repair. Consider these factors when deciding if you should repair rather than re-roof:
– Age: The number one factor that you should consider is the age of your roof. If you are dealing with a roof that is over 20 years old, you might be better off replacing rather than trying to fix it. When you re-roof your house, you know that it will last for many years to come, and you won’t have to worry about it.
– Extent of Damage: Another thing to think about is the extent of the damage to your roof. Like mentioned above, if you have one isolated problem, a repair might make sense. If you are struggling with multiple problems, re-roofing is the right choice.
– Cost: A big one for most homeowners is the cost of re-roofing. It is going to require less money to simply make a repair, but you could find that multiple repairs are needed, and the cost will quickly add up. When you have an old roof, the chance of constant repair is high.
– Efficiency: Putting a new roof on your home is one way to improve the efficiency of your house. You might find that you can lower your energy bills and create a more comfortable living environment.

Roof Repair, Replacement & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

If you have a roof that is getting old and you start to see that there are signs of damage, you can turn to Nickerson Roofing to help. We will inspect your roof and give you an honest opinion as to whether repair or replacement is the best option for you. Call us today!

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