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Warning Signs You Need a New Roof in Tahoe City, CA; Loose Step Flashing, Ceiling Stains & More

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t give much thought to the roof above your head. When you own a home, there are plenty of things that are constantly needing repair and attention. It’s easy to forget about your roof. That is, until there is a problem with it. If you have a failing roof, there are likely several silent signs around your home that you can find. Nickerson Roofing is here to talk about some of the main signs that will indicate that you have a roof in trouble.

How to Tell if Your Roof is Damaged & Needs to Be Replaced

The condition of your roof is important because it has such a big impact on keeping your home safe from water. When there is a problem with your roof, you could be facing water damage that can be extensive as well as expensive to repair. Look out for these signs that can clue you in to any potential problems with your roof.
– Ceiling Water Stains: If there is water leaking into your roof, you may see water stains on your ceiling that help you come to that realization. These stains will not be something that you should try to simply paint over. You need to get to the bottom of the source of water causing the problem in the first place.
– Shingle Roof Damage: The shingles on your roof are the main protection keeping water from getting into your home. If you see any shingles that need to be replaced, it should be done right away to avoid water damage. If there are several shingles that are damaged, it may be time to replace the roof.
– Mold: If you notice mold on any of the exterior walls of your home, it can be caused by a leak in your roof. Mold carries with it a risk to your health and shouldn’t be ignored. It will continue to grow and spread. Look for a leak if you notice mold growing anywhere.
– Holes in Roof: Sometimes people drill holes into their roof to mount satellites and antennas for television. These holes may seem small enough, but they can still allow water to get into your home and cause you big problems down the road. If they haven’t been fixed using flashing, you could get enough damage to the roof that it will require replacement.
– Loose Step Flashing on Roof: Anytime you notice a flashing problem, it should concern you. Step flashing is no exception. If you notice that the flashing between your roof and a wall of your home is moving, it can create an area for water to pour down your walls.

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If you notice that there are signs present on your roof that raise your concern, call on the roofing pros at Nickerson Roofing to help you get to the bottom of it. If it isn’t something we can repair, you can count on us to handle replacement as well. Call us today!

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