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Warning Signs of Potential Ceiling & Roof Collapse in Truckee, CA; Water Leaks, Sagging Roofing Shingles & More

A collapsed roof can happen any time of the year, though more common occurrence happens in winter with the heavy weight of snow. Snow accumulating on any type of rooftop can cause a collapse when heavy load reaches the maximum weight endurance. Considering that once cubic foot of dry snow weighs in at about 6-8 pounds, the snow and ice compacted on the roof will weigh considerably more. Additional rain, sleet, or even hail can add to the overall weight. Greater risks of collapsing falls on flat or lower sloped roofs as the added weight of precipitation builds up.

How Much Weight Can a Roof Support? Causes of Roof Collapse

Though snow definitely adds the most weight to a roof, pooling water from rain or even debris from fallen branches and leaves as well as other circumstances can cause the roof to collapse. When a roof collapses, it is more than inconvenience. It can be a nightmare to make the necessary repairs, get the homeowner’s insurance help in a timely manner and that doesn’t include any injuries sustained when the roof collapsed. With this banquet of food for thought, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to list the common warning signs that your roof is on the verge of collapsing and some preventive measures you can take.

Warning Signs of Potential Ceiling & Roof Collapse

The following are major warning signs that your roof is near collapsing, if one or more of these red flags apply to your home, it is crucial that you contact a professional such as Nickerson Roofing for assistance to avoid many additional repairs and problems a collapse roof can cause.
– If the roof supports, framing, or other structural elements have any bends, ripples or deformities.
– Any installed sprinkler heads that dropped below the ceiling tiles.
– Difficulty opening doors or windows or if they pop open on their own.
– Conduits or utility pipes locating at the ceiling that are bowed or bent.
– Any exterior shingles on the roof or interior ceiling sections that are sagging.
– Chronic and/or severe leaks.
– The exterior masonry is showing cracks.

Hire a Roofing Inspector

Any of these signs are suggesting the roof will eventually collapse, sooner rather than later, especially if you notice more than one red flag. If you believe your roof fits these criteria, notify a professional as soon as possible for an assessment. The sooner you have a professional begin making the necessary repairs and/or replacements, the less damage and the less expensive this project will be and you can avoid injury and additional property damage.

Roof Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is always the most optimal path. With routine inspections and maintenance provided by your roofing professional, we can identify any damage before the issue becomes major. In addition to professional assistance, you can preserve your roof and avoid collapses by applying the following:
– If any minimal damage is discovered on the roof, do not procrastinate professional repairs.
– Diligently remove excessive volumes of snow from the roof; professional services are readily available.
– Keep any debris, moisture, mold, and algae from accumulating.
– Efficiently maintain all drains, gutters, and downspouts; keeping them free of leaves, dirt, and debris to allow proper flow.

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Contact Nickerson Roofing immediately if you believe your roof is going to collapse. Our experts can help you make the necessary repairs and spare you the grief of dealing with the aftermath of a collapsed roof.

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