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Types of Roof Materials & Roofing Replacement Options in Alpine Meadows, CA; Composition Asphalt Shingles, Wood Shakes & Metal Tile

When it comes to time to replace your roof, you might be filled with overwhelming options. Finding the perfect roof to fit your criteria, such as budget, climate, energy concerns, and so on, can be difficult. Today, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to share some of the options you have to consider when selecting your new roof replacement.

Composition AKA Asphalt Shingles

Composition shingles are commonly referred to as asphalt shingles. These shingles are the most popular residential roofing material utilized in the country. They are often comprised of two layers of asphalt with a fiberglass mat center. To offer more protection to the shingles from the sun exposure, small stones are embedded on the top. Each shingle looks like three smaller shingles because the basic three-tab shingles have slits in the front. Opting for architectural shingles are considered a more high-end quality as they are thicker, longer-lasting, and are not equipped with the slits like the standardize shingles have, where debris builds up quickly. Most consumers also prefer the more textured look aesthetic that it creates as well.
Pros of Asphalt Shingles: Relatively affordable, professional roofers can install them easily, and fire resistant. Some types of composition shingles are engineered to endure hail regions and also available with wind warranties up to 130 mph. Additionally, many of these shingles types contain zinc or copper to help prevent algae growth. And to help lower cooling costs, some types have a reflective coating and are potentially recyclable.
Cons to Asphalt Shingles: Lifespan expectancy is only 20 years and they require periodic maintenance and cleaning to remove moss and debris.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

Though wood shingles are traditional and offer beauty and charm, the quality has declined, and the rising concerns about fire safety have made them less popular. Wood shingles are thinner and sawn flat where the shakes are thick and have a rough, split surface. The roofing can dry out in both types as they require to be installed over spaced boards as opposed to the not solid sheathing.
Advantages of Wood Shingles & Shakes: Shakes and shingles perform well in drier climates, some shakes have up to a 50-year warranty, and the thicker shakes can be utilized in severe hail climates. As long as the worn roofing hasn’t been treated with pesticides, it can be recycled into mulch, and roof-quality shakes are manufactured from old-growth trees.
Disadvantages of Wood Shingles & Shakes: They are not fire-resistant; as a result building codes prohibit the use. Hail can damage the thinner products, and in wet climates the wood shingles must be cleaned regularly to remove moss and lichen.

Metal Panels and Tiles Roofing

Metal panels and tiles were common among commercial and farm buildings, but now the metal roofing is quickly becoming the consumer’s choice in residential roofing material. There are two basic types; standing-seam panels and tiles. The metal panels come in sections of approximately 16” wide and up to 20 feet long. This helps them so they reach the edge without a seam from the ridge to the gutters. Metal tiles can be finished to resemble the look of wood shingles or shakes.
Advantages of Metal Roofs: Life expectancy is extreme and some types come with lifetime warranties. They are fire resistant, and some styles are highly durable and able to resist high winds and heavy hail. Panels are installed quickly and efficiently and require minimal maintenance. Metal panels and tiles can qualify for a federal energy efficiency tax credit of up to $500 because some styles with reflective coating application can reduce cooling demand by 10% -15%.
Disadvantages of Metal Roofs: In comparison to the composition shingles, they have a higher initial cost. Frequent cleaning is often needed because the tile roofs have numerous grooves that trap leaves.

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