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Spring Roof Maintenance in Tahoe City, CA; Roofing Inspection, Leak Repair and/or Replacement & More

No doubt your home improvement list is being orchestrated as we are in the midst of spring and summer is just around the corner. Since your roof is an essential component of your home, it might be worth setting a day aside where you can get your roof ready for spring, though the roof one of the many things that often get put on the back burner or neglect all together. You can extend the lifespan of your roof and avoid leaks and early deterioration by keeping up on basic maintenance. In an effort to preserve your home’s rooftop, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to relate some important things do.

Inspect Your Roof

You can utilize binoculars to inspect your roof, if you are not prone to traversing the rooftop. Any signs of damage, wear and tear, or anything out of place is especially looked for. Take note of any shingles that are loose, missing, buckling, or curling that will need to be replaced. For any signs of wood rot or other excessive deterioration, check out the flashing and eaves. Inspect the chimney for any blemishes or significant clues that points to damage if you have a chimney. By ensuring your gutters and spots are operational and not showing any signs of rust, or other damage, conclude your assessment. Prepare yourself for the needed replacements and repairs by following the inspections.

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Before they get out of control, the smallest leaks, holes, cracks, and other similar such damage need to be repaired. Any small fissures you thought weren’t a concern are not getting larger by the summers that are known for stimulating intense weather conditions that abuse rooftops. Make the needed repairs accordingly to prevent any unnecessary damage. If you are familiar with roofs and do not mind elevated and unleveled surfaces, you can do the repairs. Contact a professional to ensure it is done with skillful precision if you are comfortable with the conditions or do not have knowledge concerning rooftops.

Have Guttering Cleaned & Repair Damaged Gutters

During your roof maintenance, the gutter is equally important. Having adequate gutters can reduce the pressure of the rain since the rain falls quite a bit in the summer. Clear out clogs and remove all dirt, mud, sticks, leaves, and any other debris. Make the appropriate repairs, or if necessary, replacements if during your cleaning you should notice any rust, holes, cracks, dents, or any other wear.

Trim Landscaping So Branches Do Not Hang Over Roof

Early spring is the best time to prepare the landscapes since it can influence the roofs’ health. Properly trim, prune, and clear off the roof of any trees, shrubs and vegetation. Trees can experience random limbs breaking off the tree and falling limbs can cause costly damage and during the spring and summer. You might find you are going to need a new roof all together if they fall on your roof. Make certain to trim off the branches hanging directly above your roof in order to avoid any mishaps and catastrophes. Also, you can reduce pests from doing any damage to your roof as well be clearing out the hazardous vegetation.

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