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Snow Guards, Breaks, Bars, Rails & Other Snow Retention & Ice Melting Systems in Alpine Meadows, CA

Winters can be very brutal. They are freezing which causes an insane amount of snow to fall. Where does that snow land? Snows lands everywhere, especially your roof. If you are not careful, the weight of that snow can cause your roof to buckle and cave in, leaving you with costly repairs. But what can you do to spare yourself the grief and expense? There are a few methods you can do to help ease the burden off your roof, but for today, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to expound on snow retention and ice melting systems.

Snow Guards, Snow Retention & Ice Melting Systems

Snow Guards. Snow guards are ingenious little accessories for your roof that get fastened and are easily attached to a sloped roofing surface. With proper installation from a professional, it will assist with decreasing negative snow complications.
Snow Retention Systems. After the snow and ice builds up on a sloped roof, between the rise of the temperatures outside and the heat emanating from the building, that original snowfall and ice will begin to melt. When the snow and ice melts, a layer of water will develop between the snow, ice and the roof itself. Water, acting as a natural lubricant, will make quick work of the snow and ice sliding off your rooftop all at once. With the assistance of the snow retention system, the snow and ice’s fall will break, and be held on the roof. For the sake of safety, the snow is able to run off the roof in small doses, or it could even completely melt while still on the roof. The snow guards jump into play and help to evenly distribute the weight of snow and ice which contributes to damage.

Combination of Snow Guards & Snow Retention Systems

Having the brilliant combination of snow guards and snow retention systems, can significantly reduce damage on pedestrian areas, parked or moving vehicles, pricey landscaping, vents for plumbing or gutters, any skylights or atriums, lower or adjacent roofs, and so much more.

Benefits of Snow Retention Systems & Snow Guard Placement

Benefits of snow retention systems and snow guards are plenty. Below are just a handful of examples.
1. One of the most obvious benefits and highly beneficial is the snow retention that these systems offer, is that you can better control where the snow is going to fall. Some people prefer snow clips, as they help prevent large loads of snow from falling off your roof, keeping the snow off entry points and/or walk ways. The authentic snow retention systems are more durable, have increased longevity, and offer even more control when the slide off happens. Homeowners have experienced their fair share of leaky roofs proceeding a nasty winter. Ventilation also helps control airflow. You can still maintain your perfect temperatures, and control the water flow.
2. Adequately keeping the weight of the snow off your roof minimizes the possibility of roof damage or cave ins.
3. Investing the snow retention systems is cost effective saving you more money over time. Keeping your roof in optimal condition helps reduce the need for roof repairs.

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Nickerson Roofing can help prepare your roof to last the long North Lake Tahoe winter. Give us a call to find out more!

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