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Signs You Need a New Commercial Roof in Mystic, CA; Building Water Damage, Clogged Roofing Drain & More

There are lots of business owners that need to keep a commercial building in good shape. The building has many areas that need to be addressed and potentially repaired. One of the areas that you want to make sure is taken good care of is the roof. This is your best way to keep water and debris out of your business premises. It also has a lot to do with the efficiency of the building as well that will help any tenants that might be using the building. The roof has some signs that you can look for that will tell you that it needs some work or repair. The only sure fire way to know that your roof needs to be replaced is to have a roofing contractor out to do a thorough inspection but there are some tell-tale signs you can look out for. Nickerson Roofing outlines how to determine if your commercial roof needs to be replaced.

Interior Building Water Damage

The first thing you can do is to look for signs that there is water damage in the commercial building. Many commercial buildings have a tiled ceiling that can be easily moved out of place and replaced when needed. These tiles can show signs of water damage that usually mean that the roof has a leak somewhere. You want to look around the building and check for rings or drips that show up on the ceiling. You also could see that there are drips landing on the floor during rain. If you see these signs you want to have your commercial roof repaired or replaced. This should stop the leak and allow you an opportunity to take care of the water damaged.

Roof Shingles Lifting Up or Blown Off

The other thing you can look for are signs that there are loose materials. The roof can be made from many materials and when they are not in good shape they can start to come loose and that will create damage. If you are not able to see the roof you may still end up seeing material that is coming off the roof and landing on the parking lot around the area. If you are concerned that the roofing material is loose you want to have it inspected and repaired right away.

Clogged Roof Drain & Vent

All roofs need to have a way to filter off the water and the moisture that can come when there is rain and more. These drains can become clogged and could become damaged so that the rain and the water is not able to move away from the commercial building. If you start to see that the drains are not moving the water away from the building it can damage the roof and that is a sign that you need to have them repaired right away.

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