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Roofing Replacement in Olympic Valley, CA; Preparing Your House for a New Roof

As you get ready for a roof replacement, you want everything to go as smooth as possible. This roof replacement is a large investment that you want to protect. With the roofing technology available today, you may never have to replace your roof again. It is worth it to take the time to prepare for a roof replacement to make the process a smooth one. Nickerson Roofing is here to share several tips that will help you get ready for your team of roofers.

Get Ready for the Mess when Reroofing

The process of removing the existing roof in preparation for the new one is a messy endeavor. You will need to make sure there is room for the dumpster to be parked and remove all of your valuables from the path of debris coming off your roof. You may want to move patio furniture, BBQ grills and other similar items before the process begins.

Remove Valuable Items from Attic when Replacing a Roof

The attic is the perfect place to store some of your most valuable possessions. However, when you are getting a new roof, there is a great deal of dirt and dust that is likely going to make its way to your attic. Even the most polite roofing companies will stir up their fair share of dust during the construction process. It is best to find a new home for your valuables during the roof replacement process.

Think About Children & Pets Living in the House During a Roof Replacement

Not only is there a large amount of debris and hazardous materials that will be lying around during this process, but a great deal of noise will be happening as well. This can often disturb pets and small children. If you are concerned that it may frighten them, you may want to make arrangements for them until the roof is complete.

Let Your Neighbors Know You Will Be Getting a New Roof

Like mentioned above, there will be noise during the roof replacement process. This can be disruptive to your neighbors, and you may want to warn them about it. You will be considered a thoughtful neighbor and maintain a good relationship. Neighbors are often happy to have improvements like this done to houses around them since it boosts the value and curb appeal of the home. This will, in turn, boost the value of their home.

Preparing Inside Your House Before Roof Replacement Starts

With all the pounding that will be happening as the roof is installed on your home, you need to think about the artwork and other items hanging on your walls. If there is any chance they could fall down due to the vibrations, you may want to take them down until the project is complete.

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