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Roofing Replacement in Alpine Meadows, CA; Preparing Your House for a New Roof

Roofs are built to last as long as possible under the duress of intense weather conditions, environmental conditions, the beating sun, climate, and other abuse that roofs must endure. Generally, roofs can last between 10 and 25 years depending on the circumstances. But when it comes time to replace the roof, there are a few things that can help the process go by smoothly. We at Nickerson Roofing would like to share a few tips and some advice on how you can better prepare for your roof replacement.

Preparing Your House for a New Roof

1) Preparations for the Home’s Exterior
The construction crew will need a clear path and work space for their safety, as well as your own. Remove obstacles away from the home such as patio furniture, garbage bins, toys, and other clutter. Not only will this keep people safe, but it will offer more protection for your home. Place a sheet of plywood on top of your air conditioning unit sitting next to your home, to help protect it from impact should any materials falls on top of it. Unplug the power disconnect switch on the outside wall next to the unit and switch the thermostat off during the construction.
2) Contain the Waste from Roof Tearoff
As the old roof is being broken down, there will be a considerable amount of debris that will need to be discarded. Some roofing companies may use a roll-off dumpster or a dump truck, but you will need to ensure there is adequate space for it on your driveway. This reduces labor and prevents debris from being littered all the way to the street. Make the necessary arrangements to keep the driveway clear. If they do not have such services in your area, invest in a dumpster provided by your garbage company to contain the mess.
3) Roofers Need Attic Accessibility
The roofers will more than likely need access to your attic. Clear a route free from debris to the attic entry point and show the project manager the way; they will let the workers know. Any indoor or outdoor pets will need to have arrangements made to either keep them clear from the area to avoid injuries or see if a family member or friend can keep them until completed so they are not stressed.
4) Remove Fragile Items from Walls Before Roofing Replacement
The roofing construction often produces a lot of vibration in your home. Go through your home the day before construction and remove mirrors, picture frames and other fragile items from interior walls until completion to ensure their safety. If your residential roof replacement involves the installation of skylights or light tunnels, make sure furniture is covered and there is a clear path to that area as well.
5) Communication with Roofers
Get further details and instructions from your specific roofing contractor. Some companies require special needs for custom projects. Make certain you understand the duration of the construction, the areas that are to be cleared, special arrangements, and get any questions you have answered prior to the date of the project.

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