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Roofing Myths in Truckee CA & North Lake Tahoe Basin; Asphalt Shingles, Roof Flashing, Gutters & Attic Insulation

Your roof is most often forgotten until a leak reminds you that even roofs require tender, love and care from time to time. The roof is an important element to any home. It’s a protective shield from the sun, weather and bird droppings, among other dangers lurking in the great outdoors. There are many misconceptions concerning the affairs of roofing.

Nickerson Roofing wants to take this opportunity to dispel the myths that involve roofing.

1. Layering new roofing shingles over old is acceptable.
– Do not let anyone suggest this is okay. Removing the old shingles exposes the most important layer of the roof, which is commonly plywood. Due to leaks, inadequate ventilation, or even an extension of time, the roof under the shingles, could become rotted or deteriorated. To ensure the entire roof is intact and in optimal condition, remove the old shingles. If needed, make any repairs, and replace the roof with new shingles.
2. Asphalt shingles are generic and all manufactured the same.
– Shingles have been engineered to combat the different needs and specific climate conditions. With various warranties corresponding with the efficient durability and the assortment of faux designs, asphalt shingles are developed in an assortment of ways.
3. Replacing the flashing is only appropriate when a new roof is installed.
– The flashing is designed with metal materials to divert the rain waters away from the pipes, chimneys, vents and other rooftop openings. The flashing is sturdy and can be secured in place over the course of years, offering protection far longer than other roof components. On the other hand, the flashing can also fail within months after installation. For proper maintenance, the flashing should be inspected every 6 months. Look for dried out caulk or sealant, broken or flawed flashing segments and damaged shingles in contact with the flashing. If any of these issues is spotted from a safe vantage point, contact a professional for further assessments.
4. You can’t have too much attic insulation.
– Unfortunately, many homeowners believe that adding more insulation in the attic space will help save energy and enhance roof performance. Over insulating can obstruct ventilation openings at the soffits and eaves that contribute to moisture becoming trapped. If moisture is confined, the sheathing found in the interior of attics can rot, warp, and even lead to a mold outbreak. Insulation and ventilation need to go hand in hand, if you are in doubt, always consult a professional.
5. Gutters are a separate aspect of an exceptional roof.
Gutters are a needed roof accessory. The gutters are the final piece to the diversion of water from your structure. Often, a new roof installation includes a new gutter and downspout system. To prevent the exterior walls from over-saturation, the gutters are a contributing factor to help in this endeavor. On a side note, always make sure the gutters are clear of debris for optimal results, and to keep them from rust or other damaging dilemmas.

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Applying any roof maintenance or inspections can be dangerous for those not comfortable with heights, or those with relating disabilities. Our professionals at Nickerson Roofing have the necessary training and experience to traverse the rooftops. Our skillful experts can apply roofing services to your satisfaction throughout the years. Call us today for all your roofing needs!

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