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How to Protect Your Roof from Heavy Snowfall in Tahoe City, CA; Steep Metal Roofing, Heating Cables & More

Many people may not realize how heavy snow can be. If you have ever had to shovel it off your driveway or walkways, you are aware that it can be extremely heavy when there are large amounts of snow accumulation. The average cubic foot of snow can weigh up to 15 pounds. Your roof is designed to withstand up to 20 pounds per square foot before it starts to be overburdened with the weight of snow. When you experience a large amount of snowfall, your roof can have a difficult time supporting the weight and damage can start happening. Nickerson Roofing is here to share some tips to help you protect your room from heavy snowfall.

Roof Rakes to Manually Remove Snow

Just like the rakes used to remove leaves from your yard, there are rakes that are designed to assist you in removing snow from your roof. When using a roof rake, be aware that the snow could come crashing down on you, so stand accordingly. This is an effective way to remove snow from your roof if you have the time to do it.

Can You Use Calcium Chloride on Your Roof?

Located in the home and garden section of your local hardware store, calcium chloride tablets are a great way to keep snow from piling up on your roof. These tablets will cause a chemical reaction to melt the snow. This is a way to remove snow without physically exerting yourself in the process. Use them regularly to stay on top of the problem in the winter but be aware – they will damage your roof over time.

Are Steep Roofs Better for Snow?

Many people that live in areas that get a large amount of snowfall each year will have a steep roof incline on their house to assist in keeping snow from piling up on your roof naturally. If you are considering having a new home built, you may want to take that into consideration when drawing up the plans.

Will Snow Slide Off a Metal Roof?

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common type of shingles used on homes. These shingles can cause traction for snow though. You can replace asphalt shingles with metal shingles to provide a slippery surface that snow has a harder time adhering to.

Are Roof Heating Cables Worth It?

With the use of electric heating cables, you are able to keep your roof warm enough that snow will not stick to it. This takes most of the work out of keeping the snow off your roof and avoiding any roof damage due to heavy snow accumulation.

Rooftop Snow Removal & Prevention, Ice Dam Solutions & More in Truckee, Mystic, Tahoe City, Kings Beach & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California

If you are having a hard time dealing with heavy snowfall accumulating on your roof, the roofing experts at Nickerson Roofing can help you come up with some solutions to your problem. We have the experience needed to assist you in keeping the snow off your roof and a href=”http://www.nickersonroofingca.com/our-services/ice-dam-prevention-removal-solutions/”>protecting your roof from damage due to snow accumulation. Call us today!

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