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How to Prevent Roof Leaks in Dollar Point, CA; Look for Early Signs Around Roof Openings, Drip Edge, Gutters & More

As a homeowner there are a lot of maintenance items that you need to take care of around your residence. You have some major appliances and systems that need attention and repairs to ensure they last. You never want to spend money on something big when you could have prevented the problem. One of the areas that a homeowner needs to be cautious of is the roof. It is a huge part of the home and is a large expense so maintenance is key in keeping it from having leaks or needing premature replacement. Fortunately, there are some ways you can prevent leaks. It’s important to keep an eye on your roof to look for signs you may be in need of repairs. Fixing a problem with the roof quickly is key. Even a very small roof leak can lead to a major amount of damage if left unchecked. Water damage can affect many areas of the home and could potentially cause mold and mildew to grow.

Nickerson Roofing Lists Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent A Roof Leak

Check Any Openings for Roof Leaks: Wherever there is an opening in the roofing structure, the possibility for a leak increases. The opening had to have been created by cutting a hole to install whatever is fixture is there. It can be a skylight, chimney or a vent for the air conditioning system. These are all places that should have some type of seal on them and also some flashing. Even with these fixtures installed around the opening you could still end up with a leak. It is pertinent that you keep an eye on these areas and have then inspected regularly. The sealant can become dried out and crack which will allow water and moisture to seep in.
Purpose of Drip Edge On Roof: The drip edge of your roof can be found around the outside edge. It is part of the system that helps to keep water away from the wood. If the fascia gets wet it will damage the wood and cause it to swell. The wood has to be replaced and that is a cost that could be more than you want to deal with. The best way to stop is to check the drip edge often to ensure there are no areas that are damaged and need to be repaired.
What’s Under The Roof: Many people assume that all the leaks that exist in their home come from the roof. Just because the ceiling has a wet spot or you see moisture does not mean that the roof is to blame. Believe it or not there are other areas of the home that could cause this damage. The attic is full of ways that your ceiling could incur damage. The condenser on the AC unit, bug infestation or even ventilation system failure. If you are seeing moisture never dismiss the attic space and what could be there.
Watch for Signs of Gutter Damage: Another area that is always a concern for roof leaks is the gutter system. The system needs to send the excess water to a designated safe area. The gutter can be separated or broken and the water can start to collect in unintended areas potentially causing damage to the roof.

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