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How to Know if You Have Roofing Damage or Need a New Roof in Mystic, CA; Roofer’s Inspection!

When was the last time your home’s roof was inspected? Or have you ever had your roof inspected? Many homeowners never think to have their home’s roof inspected until they have water leaks. When your roof begins to leak water the damage is often already done. By the time you see water stains on your ceiling the inner roof material are probably already soaked. There many signs to watch for before your roof get leaks which can help reduce major repairs or total roof replacement. Nickerson Roofing will like to share early warning signs that your roof may be in need of servicing before major problem occur and when you should consider having your roof inspected.

Visible Roof Damage from Ground

Your home’s roof is a major defense component against the elements. Here in California we face strong winds, rain, snow and even threat of fire. If your home roof is weak your entire home may be vulnerable. It is essential to maintain a strong an healthy roof to help protect the home. When a roof begins to become compromised it will have early warning sign that you can easily see from the ground. There is no need to be climbing on your roof to know the condition, leave that to the professionals. Here is what to look for from the ground level of your roof.

Missing or Lifted Asphalt Shingles

If you roof uses asphalt shingles you will all ways want to keep an eye on the shingle. Look for missing or loose shingle on your roof. When shingle are loose or go missing the inner section of the roof is vulnerable to water damage. If the granules that sand texture on the surface of the shingle begin to fall off the shingle need to be replaced. When shingle begin to curl is often a sign that the granules and depleted. You may see the granule in the down spout of your gutter.

Cracked Roof Tiles

If you have a tile roof whether is a clay, ceramic or concrete tile roof watch for crack or damage tile. Tile can even become loose and fall down around the edges. Like shingle roof missing or damage tile is early signs if future water damage.

Sagging Gutters

When gutters sag, this can also be a sign of roof trouble. The gutter attaches to the under surface of the roof. If the gutter pull away from the roof it can weaken the roof structure and allow moisture to enter inside the inner roof structure.

Excessive Moisture in Attic

After inspecting the outside of the roof make sure to look at the inside. Go into the attic to look for early signs of water leakage. If there are any odors that smells of mold or mildew there may be water damage already present. In the attic look for any signs of moisture.

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If your roof has any one of these early warning signs have your roof inspected. A roofing company can come and safely navigate your home’s roof and attic and make sure your home roof is healthy. The inspection can help provide a detail record of your roof’s condition and if repairs or maintenance is needed. For quality roof inspection and more contact Nickerson Roofing today.

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